Not this isn‘t the UA Drive 4 Low. This is the Under Armour Heat Seeker, a completely new line which caters towards consumers that love that huge value for the money, that sweet performance for a low low.

So without further ado, let‘s take a deep look at the Under Armour Heat Seeker!

Let’s get it!


WEIGHT: 313.8 g / 11.07 oz

TECH: Micro G, EVA











Unlike his uncle UA Drive 4, the Heat Seeker features a full-length knit upper. And let me tell you something, not only Nike and adidas are able to make awesome knitted uppers, UA is right up there with these main brands and this exact implementation of knit is probably the best one UA has put out, period.

It’s soft where you need it to be soft & stretchy – talking about the ankle collar and toe area. Meanwhile, the knit gets more rigid in areas where you need something strong to hold down your moves, that’s why the lateral sections are way thicker & stronger maintaining that containment, while cutting, changing directions or doing whatever that requires lateral support. Just pure awesomeness.



UA is back at it with its EVA and Micro G combo for the cushion. Actually, this is the exact same midsole taken from the Drive 4’s, so the overall performance of it wasn’t something new or didn’t bring any new experience. Eventually this isn’t a bad thing. This cushion tooling may not be the best one out there, but it still does its job really well for what it is. That’s why I’m not mad about it. Again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The EVA carrier takes the whole forefoot area, producing really low profile cushioning with zero delay while making any type of move. While in the heel area you can find UA’s one of the best cushion toolings – Micro G. I would like to have this in the forefoot as well since I’m a bigger guy and we need some cushion not only in the heel. However, it’s only in the back, making the forefoot a bit too “dead” for my personal like, but they’re trying to make it as versatile as possible to accommodate every single type of player. All in all, I can live with it while I’m young. Those joints aren’t forever.

Now the heel area is a whole different deal because of that awesome “G” – it offers a really solid amount of impact protection for a heavier player & some fluffy vibes to go with. Something that you get from a BOUNCE tooling. But that stands only for the heel.



They took the easiest way possible to make this to work well and I mean REALLY well. Yes, the G.O.A.T is in the building – good old multi-directional herringbone pattern. I mean, you just can’t go wrong with that. But if you somehow get it wrong, you should go back to the drawing board my man.

The grooves on these bad boys are widely spread through the whole outsole, keeping dust from clogging up and ruining your ball session. You don’t want to be sliding all over the place like those skaters at the Olympics. Of course, you wanna wipe them outsoles from time to time, but it doesn’t require anything extra than that. It has enough beef to deal with everything you throw at it.

Also, the Heat Seeker could be your next outdoor beater due to fairly durable rubber & pretty thick grooves that add extra longevity for the outsole.



Elevating performance further, a knitted upper is an essential part these days and as we already know, the Heat Seeker’s aren’t the exception either. BUT… You can’t just throw that piece of knit at consumers’ faces, saying “Jesus take the wheel”. Nah. That’s not how this stuff works. You need to bring something unique and something that performs. Eventually, UA knows it. Duhh

Even though they feature a one boodie construction, I actually didn’t receive any problems putting them on due to rather stretchy ankle collar to make it easy for you even if you have a Hulk like foot. Talking about that Hulk foot, going true to size should be perfect for our wide footers. For everyone else, I would say go 1/2 down a size since there’s a knitted upper that will break in a bit and I had just a tad bit unneeded room in the toe area.

You probably didn’t know, but the lacing systems is going under the knit where you can find an internal neoprene sock, which form-fits your foot really nicely, giving that awesome one to one fit. And that’s why they let themselves to put a pretty thin layer of knit and making the shoe feel super light on foot.



The support set-up is pretty settle, in other words, it’s more on a minimalistic side. No gimmicks. No extra stuff, Just things that are necessary to keep you contained & secure at any given moment. And that’s smart thinking by UA – maintaining a low price & preserving a light weight construction, while still giving that solid amount of support.

For the lacing system, there you can find your regular laces with lace holes. Again, it’s pretty straight forward but it gets the job done by tightly hugging your foot & pushing it into the heel cup. Talking about the heel area, there’s a medium sized plastic/rubber heel counter located on the outside. Compared to the Drive 4’s heel counter, this one is a bit softer due to involved rubber compound and it doesn’t have those aggressive corners, which could dig into your foot eventually. So that’s another small, yet quite important upgrade.

Finally, for the lateral support you’re getting a pretty minimalistic outrigger in the forefoot which isn’t really making a huge impact upon stability, but it’s there and it’s does its mission nonetheless. Meanwhile, denser knit on the sides eliminates unwanted lateral movements and at the same time keeps that light construction, since you don’t need to add an extra support piece.



Keeping the good things from the Drive 4 and throwing in a few major upgrades, the Under Armour Heat Seeker is just simply a really solid & competitive performance model from UA. I dig how they look esthetically. I love how they did perform on the hardwood. And I’m pretty amazed by the value you’re getting for the money. You just simply can’t beat it.

Whether you’re sniping for a well-rounded indoor performer or for an outdoor beater, these bad boys should be on top of your list. And concerning the fact that they sit under the same price tag as the Drive 4’s, it’s a no brainer which one to choice.




Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the UNDER ARMOUR HEAT SEEKER. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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