Under Armour Curry 6 REVIEW – The Comeback?

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from the latest UA’s line-up. We are already in 2019… You know what time it is… The freshly new addition to the Curry line is ready to be diagnosed.

Welcome to the Under Armour Curry 6 review!



WEIGHT: 340 g. / 12 oz






BD RATING: 7.4/10





The Curry 6 gets naked compared to the past few models (4 & 5) having synthetic overlays stacked on a knitted sock. The strip down not only made the shoe feel/play lighter but also eliminated all of the stitching that the Curry 5 had a problem with, causing blisters and other bad stuff to your foot. It’s now all one-piece and my feet like it a lot.

The knit has also received an upgrade since it is now the last one standing as for upper coverage. They kept that flexibility & ability to form-fit your foot, yet made the knit tighter and less stretchy to create more containment when applying pressure.

Again, looking at the whole Curry signature line, this set-up easily takes the cake as the best one out there, in my opinion.



Let’s take a quick trip to my performance review on the UA HOVR Havoc where I said this – “Steph please gain some weight or some sh*t –  I want to see that HOVR or Micro G on Curry models. Maybe the 6 will be the one? I really hope so…”. Is UA reading my reviews? Let’s be honest, probably not. But it’s clear that UA is listening to its consumers to create the best possible product. After all, the Curry line is named as one of the most consistent line-ups across the board not without a reason.

So the time has come as the Curry 6 is finally featuring a full-length HOVR cushioning. Is it as much fun as the UA HOVR Phantom? Not quite so. Is it still tons of fun nonetheless? Hell yeah!

Now – for those who are rocking the line for its pure guard approach – there’s nothing to be worried about. The 6 maintains that guard-first performance by offering a low to the ground ride alongside a rather springy & responsive forefoot for complete control over your on-court movement. While the rare portion of the midsole adds an ability for bigger, more explosive players to enjoy the heck of the shoe as well due to a solid amount of impact protection and overall midsole’s vitality back there.



There’s no way we’re not talking about the elephant in the room first and foremost. So this is not a secret that the Curry 6 is having a major issue that has to do with outsoles just literally ripping off after a first shot around before even playing real ball in some cases. And this isn’t something out of the ordinary that happened only for a few people. Nah… There’re thousands of people reporting the issue. Checking the UA’s website for the Curry 6 you can see that pretty much all of the reviews are complaints about the traction ripping away. You hate to see it appear on their flagship model, clearly, a mistake made in one of the production phases that gonna cost UA some customer trust for sure. Mines pair didn’t go that crazy, yet I can clearly see some rather obvious wear down signs already without even testing them outdoors. Definitely one of the most vulnerable outsoles I’ve ever tested.

Aside from the issue, the traction was solid. You get the combination of circular and waffle-like traction patterns. I would prefer having a circular pattern all throughout the outsole since it’s the best traction pattern after herringbone. Surely, that waffle-like pattern is here for storytelling and has almost nothing to do with helping you to grip better. Why they’re still doing it if it’s not working – I just don’t get it. I don’t care how it looks or what they’re trying to say with that, I just want it to work.

Hopefully, the circular pattern is mapped more on the lateral side so it saves the day – lateral coverage is awesome & it compensates for that waffle crap in the middle. You lose some aggressiveness because of it but the bite still remains really solid nonetheless. 

Same goes for dusty courts, had no problems with the lateral side, though the middle section is where dust tends to clog up a bit. A few wipes here and there are needed.



The Curry 6 fits true to size in most cases. From the get-go, you’re going to be welcomed with a really tight fit which will adjust once you put some time in them. That being said, wide footers might want to go 1/2 a size up mainly due to a narrow forefoot section.

Due to a full-length knitted upper, the shoe does feel incredibly light on-foot & has the ability to form-fit your foot in the most natural way. Though, the knit does not have a lot of stretch so you do feel secure as well – no wobbling, no slipping, just your foot sitting in its cockpit. It’s actually nothing new, UA has been doing it for quite a while now and this just yet another successful outcome.



When it comes to Curry shoes, support acts as one of the focal points of the shoe in order to withstand his racy on-court movement and keep him from getting injured. Obviously, a knitted sock isn’t the best option for that purpose, but we already know that the midsole is where all of the support comes from, and the Curry 6 really shows that.

The midsole goes wide at the bottom & highly overlays the upper to create a stable base, as well as, to make sure your foot is completely locked-in onto the footbed. Lateral coverage already being solid, you still do get a Speed plate which is basically a torsional plate but on the outside. It helps to contain HOVR foam from expanding laterally. But we aren’t done here… There’s also a torsional plate hiding in the midsole as it was not enough. Yeah, that midsole is packed.

The back of the shoe is equipped too – internal & external heel counters keep up with the madness at the bottom by locking down your heel. Looking from a support perspective, the 6 doesn’t play like a low-top at all, it’s way more than that.



It’s like Under Armour made a comeback but at the same time, they didn’t. We haven’t had that good of a Curry shoe for a long time – the 6 is so much fun to play in. The arrival of HOVR alongside with robust support to go with made the way for all types of players to enjoy the shoe until the rubber comes off and ruins the show. I’m actually really mad… This is the first time I can completely enjoy playing in the Curry sneaker without hurting my knees or getting blisters. But that goddamn outsole is throwing that awesome performance straight into a trash can.

Again, the rubber is still in place on my pair, though I can clearly see that after a month or so I’m going to retire them because of that crazy wear down. I hope UA is going to come up with a quick fix. You hate to see when greatness is ruined by a stupid mistake. Now we’re waiting…




Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 6. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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