Under Armour Curry 5 REVIEW – Is This a Step Backwards?

So after the 4‘s staggering appearance makeover from the previous predecessors, the UA Curry 5 takes it a notch further by introducing even more futuristic silhouette. Did they take it too far? I would love to hear your thoughts! Personally, the mid version of the 4’s do look way cleaner to me. Yet, I would take the 5’s over the Curry 4 lows.

But is the new UA Curry 5 better on the hardwood? Let‘s find out!



WEIGHT: 11.08 oz / 314.1 g.






BD RATING: 6.5/10







So the upper itself is mostly the same stuff as we had on the Curry 4, except for the Anafoam reinforcement over a full-knit sock taking a place from that synthetic layer found on its predecessor. Even though this doesn‘t seem like a significant upgrade, this mesh overlay makes the 5‘s upper so much better. It doesn‘t take way any of breathability properties while durability & containment stays on a same level.

I should be happy right now, since my only concern about the Curry 4 was successfully fixed, however, UA did leave a few unpolished pieces in the upper that made my experience with them somewhat undesirable. Keep reading and you‘ll find out why…




Another Curry signature shoe, another wasted opportunity to make it a perfectly cushioned guard shoe, utilizing their top-tier cushioning tech. Why not go with Micro G? Charge? Why not making a freaking blend using both of these two together, like Nike Zoom Air & Max Air on the LeBron 15 or Lunarlon & React on the Kobe AD NXT 360?

Intead of all of this, we did receive a completely straightforward EVA setup with a few minimalistic changes to it. Comparing it with the stuff on the Curry 4, the midsole is a bit more beefed up & thicker, meaning that the platform is higher along with barely improved impact protection as a result. The tooling does feel more active, still it‘s definitely not enough fire power to satisfy us, cushion lovers even by a little. Meanwhile, a higher of the ground platform reduces the court feel, which isn‘t something guards would love to hear either. Seems like UA tried to make this setup more balanced for different type of players, but just came short even making it great for guards.

So if you‘re looking for a low ride, then stay with the Curry 4. Or pass both of them (4 and 5), if you‘re looking for a heavy-cushioned sneaker. Simple as that.




The outsole is rocking what UA calls „All-Court Grip System“ for instant stops & quick cuts on any surface and bla bla bla… In other words, they used dual-density rubber which houses individual traction patterns for each area. This tilted squire is made out of solid rubber, while everything around it is translucent rubber.

Now, Curry signature line has been reputable since the day one for delivering a well performing traction setup every single year. And while this year’s model ruins this pretty impressive winning streak, it is still a decent tooling once broken in.

So if you’re playing on those perfectly maintained courts, then I sincerely salute you bro because you’re that 1% who has the opportunity to do that, and you don’t need to worry about nothing. They gonna deliver you A1 performance for sure.

As for everyone else (including me as well) who play ball over more complicated conditions, these little motherfu*kers will give you hard times keeping their bottoms clean. I’m telling y’all – had to utilize every single dead ball opportunity to wipe those dust away and protect myself from ending up on my ass. This wouldn’t be a case if not that translucent rubber zone lagging behind the solid rubber area, which picks up the slack so you don’t end up sliding completely.

That being said, there’s the red (“Pierce”) colorway which houses all solid rubber outsole. I’m not completely sure if that would fix the issue, however, if you consider buying the Curry 5’s, this is the colorway go for.




What can possibly go wrong when your foot is covered with all of this full-knit goodness? Well, if you decide to fuse in a TPU construction into the actual knit itself, this whole sock like construction goes from “extremely comfy” to “extremely painful” experience real quick.

From my personal experience, that TPU piece did dig into the arch of my foot, yet it wasn’t so bad to the point where I would receive blisters or some other major stuff, like some of you did. It was like a light irritation in that area which didn’t bother me when playing intensive ball. No blisters. No bruises whatsoever. Just felt slight pressure over the arch when doing less intense movements which I can live with.

Still, if you’re already having this problem or you do have a wider foot, I highly recommend switching to/picking half a size bigger pair. It should do the trick for you.

Apart from that, the whole built/construction of the upper fitted me somewhat similar to the 4’s, yet the ventilation has been improved.




So far, the Curry 5 review has been hit or miss for the most part. However, for what they stand for (a low-cut sneaker), these bad boys were more than an unexpected surprise for me of how supportive a low-top performer can be. Obviously, they do not beat those bigger dudes, like the Jordan Why.Not Zer0.1, adidas D Rose 8 or the UA Drive 4. But as far as a guard related shoe goes, these might be one of the most supportive picks of 2018.

It’s not all about the amount of tech the shoe owns, it’s all about well thoughtful construction it has. No surprise, the platform is perfectly balanced offering you enhanced stability & control over your movement. While the upper features that non-stretchy mesh overlay, which in conjunction with the extended midsole wings protect your foot from any type of lateral movement. As for the back, there we can find the same mesh overlay for making the heel area more rigid & a few small plastic wings on both sides that act like an external heel counter. It’s not much but most importantly it gets the job done well.



Again, the Curry 5 in some cases did look to me like a small step backwards, being that the TPU part caused some discomfort problems and that translucent rubber prevented the whole traction tooling from performing well on dirty courts. On the other hand, it did a few things better compared with the 4, like better material choice, enhanced breathability & much improved support. So I kind of had some 50/50 feelings about ‘em.

All in all, I can’t say that this is a bad performing model. Yes, it’s probably one of the weakest models of the entire Curry signature line, but definitely not the worst one in the whole ball sneaker game. Still, I think that the Curry 5 will for sure find its spot in someone’s rotation.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 5. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!



7 thoughts on “Under Armour Curry 5 REVIEW – Is This a Step Backwards?

  • July 3, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Can I suggest an improvement on tagging the posts? “curry 5, under armour curry 5, under armour curry 5 review” isn’t very useful to readers, that’s just a duplication of info in title. Good tags would cover a distinct subset of posts, making it easy to find related publications. So, if you tag posts like “curry 5, curry, under armour” it’d be easy for readers to jump to other Curry sneakers, also to mid-top version of Curry 5 (should it come) and other UA gear.

    And yes, I totally agree, Curry 4 looks much more streamlined and elegant =)

    • July 3, 2018 at 8:32 pm

      Yoo! Huge thanks for pointing that out for me. Gonna fix it right after when I come back from my vacation in Turkey. Counting from tomorrow, I’m gonna be out for a week. My body is just begging for rest after that crazy season I had. See you soon!

      • July 4, 2018 at 7:49 am

        Good for you, have a nice one! Try not to be baked alive in the south (always a concern for us pale northerners). I, for example, will head in a different direction and spend a week in Karelian forests =)

        “low-top” could be a useful tag, too (esp. if his siblings “mid-top” and “high-top” are also used).

    • July 16, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Practicly, yes, but just by a small fraction. You see, the main support & containment comes from the lower part of a shoe, meaning that this extra fabric on a high/mid-top’s only tightens your ankle, without actually supporting it. So it’s just a piece of mind really.

  • July 31, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Im a wide footer and i believe my true size is a 12.5 width wise and 12 length wise . When the 4s were released i bought a US12 and sure it was tight at first eventually broke it in and man it was probably one of the best 1 to 1 fit i ever had . Would u say the same for the curry 5s? i was thking of going with a 12 but there are so many reviewers saying that it causes blister and it kinda scares me alittle . im still thking of getting a 12,12.5 or a 13 . Most of my nike shoes like the HD2017 is a 13 while my adidas are all 12.5s . I owned a curry 3 us13 and curry 4 us12 . What size do u recommend me getting for the curry 5s. i would try it at the stores but i cant get any size above a 12 for the curry 5s in my country .

    • July 31, 2018 at 9:26 pm

      Yeah, the Curry 5’s are pretty damn scary if wearing a wrong size. It can get really ugly, really fast. However, in your case, I would recommend you going with a 12.5, you shouldn’t be having any of those fit issues.


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