Under Armour Curry 4 Low REVIEW – The GREAT Became GREATER

So how do you guys doing in 2017? Damn it! It’s 2018 man. Let me know down bellow.

“I had to admit, these bad boys are the most advanced guard orientated hoop sneakers in the history” – that was me wrapping up the Curry 4 Mid review. And apart from that “plasticky” synthetic overlay, it was just simply an OUTSTANDING performer.

But now the Low version of these bad boys has arrived, bringing us that sweet low cut & completely fresh, re-worked upper. The mission is clear – to bee the ONES.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the performance review!



WEIGHT: 13.06 oz / 370.2 g






BD RATING: 8.9/10






Let’s kick things off by covering the main upgrade or change, I should say, over the High-Tops. And although this is actually a rare thing too see a brand making such as drastic changes between same model’s configurations, still, Under Armour just did that like a boss. #fearless

Safe to say, that the Curry 4’s upper is right up there competing against other main flag ship models, like the Air Jordan 32 or LeBron 15. Even thought, UA brought us only a half-body knit sleeve which wasn’t a game-changer or something to go crazy about, since a bigger portion of the upper was covered with synthetics. However, this more of a budget-friendly variation of “PREMIUM” just simply cough me of guard by giving me one of the best fits I’ve ever experienced in my short life. P.S. After giving them a few spins for materials to break in. It was like an illusion of having a full-length knit setup.

So how did they manage to make this whole knit/synthetic blend even better? It’s SIMPLE. Get rid of that god damn synthetic overlay. Slap on a full-body knit layer. And there you have it boys and girls. The new, updated upper which takes the good things from an old one, adds a little bit of the new and raises everything to a whole another level. To the Promised Land.

But that’s not it. The Curry 4 Low does feature three different layers, little bit of a old school vibe you know. So the inner mesh\fuse sleeve located under the knit does a dirty work out there by keeping your foot sturdy & locked-in like a burrito, man. While the knit itself is something like a sweet desert after that nice burrito – straight up spandex level. And as a icing on a cake, we do have SUPER delicate (incredibly thin) synthetic leather on top to make sure our knit remains in a good shape after those toe drags.




While the Kyrie line is trying hard to cater towards wider group of players by making the Kyrie 4’s cushion tooling more impact protection-boosted (not saying they completely nailed it, but at least they’re heading to the right direction), the Curry 4 stays loyal for it’s roots being a completely true guard shoe from top to bottom. So if you’re looking for something with a solid or even adequate amount of impact protection, you need to look somewhere else. And that somewhere else is HERE.

Now having guards in mind, this “mysterious” Proprietary Foam setup couldn’t get any better than this. Let me put it this way, unlike the Kyrie’s entire line before the 4’s being only playable for a true guard who doesn’t rely on cushion at all, since the past cushion configurations were basically “dead” ,and the ONLY factor that saved them from being completely trash was that AMAZING heel to toe transition (on the 2’s and 3’s). The Curry 4’s, on the other hand, is a whole another deal.

In conjunction with heavily oriented support within the mid-sole & pretty darn wide base, the foam setup really and I mean REALLY unfolds. Straight up PRECISION. No lag while executing any type of move and right on the money foot planting to execute a perfect shoot. SPLAAASH!




“Cross-centric traction pattern is designed for amazing grip & control on any court” – damn straight Under Armour. It might not beat the “mister reliable” herringbone, but this thing is till capable of delivering some mad grip on even nastiest courts, I’m dead straight with that.

This time around, I’m dealing with a translucent rubber compound on this colorway, which would be an automatic trouble if it was a Nike shoe. Yeah… Fix your sh*t Nike. However, UA doesn’t joke around with their consumers, as I didn’t experience any noticeable drawbacks in terms of how performance goes, apart from the clear one feeling less firmer than the solid one.

Hey, if you’re playing on those “dust kingdom” nasty courts, the Curry 4 is probably your best take as they do offer that sweet “stop on a dime” performance. Just wipe them every so often and you’re gonna be golden.




Putting away the fact that the lows do offer much better control over your ankles, the upper itself is what seems to make a bigger impact on creating the overall fit significantly better and lighter as well. Even though the synthetic & knit blend was something that did work SURPRISINGLY well by giving me that perfect huge once broken in. Still, it didn’t feel like a completely finished product for me as that synthetic overlay felt cheap and it wasn’t something very durable whatsoever.

Cleaning all the crappy things from the mids, UA swapped that synthetic overlay for a brand-new, full-length knit layer backed with a mesh\fuse sleeve underneath it. I must say, this was a VERY risky move, but it happened to be a very successful one – removing that plasticky feel & making the upper completely polished.

And while that inner booty construction made out of mesh & fuse might sound a bit too harsh to be close to your foot (we tend to see these materials as a external backing), in this case, they did manage to make it completely usable in contact with your foot. It’s fairly soft out of the box, it doesn’t prevent the air flow, yet it offers you much needed lateral containment.

The heel portion is straight up this mesh\fuse construction with additional pillows for your heels – a little bit of a AJ action right there. You know I like that kind of stuff. Now continuing with that heel construction,  it actually goes under the knit and end up it’s journey where the lacing starts, leaving the toe & ankle areas with only knit. Yeah… That knit is straight up spandex – incredibly stretchy & form-fitting. And this is exactly how you want it to be when having a one piece booty construction.

Unfortunately, I did end up going 1/2 size up since they do run pretty narrow. So for wide-footers I would definitely recommend trying them in store before buying or at least go 1/2 size up, as for regular/narrow footers I recommend doing the same.




This wouldn’t be something appropriate for a powerhouse player like LBJ himself due to lackluster support within the higher portion of the shoe. But for a true guard who’s mission on the hardwood is to shoot the ball and every so often throw up a few floaters, this tooling is perfect as it gets.

Apart from a fairly small hell counter which is still able to make an adequate impact of locking your heel into place and the overall fit, the whole support package is integrated into the midsole. Listen, I’ve never EVER felt so freaking stable & controlled when planting my feet after a dribble, crossover or going out of screen for a quick bucket. So maybe this is why chef Curry is so deadly shooting the ball? Probably not. But it definitely helps him to make a higher percentage shoot and feel more comfortable in those crazy situations.

The drop-in midsole along with a full-length speed plate & beastly outriggers deliver impressive foot containment, enhances stability and precision within your every single step you make on the court.



Much improved upper with that awesome full-length knit overlay, lower cut which increases control over your ankles & makes your on-court movements more natural, while cutting those $10 off from the Mid’s price tag – it just makes it a no-brainer. And hey… That STABILITY tho… They should be banned from NBA for this… Naah. I’m just messing around.

Now seriously, the Curry 4 Low is easily the BEST UA’s take on making a perfect shoe not only for Stephen Curry himself, but also for our guards out there with similar or same play style. Did they really manage to make them perfect? You tell me in the comment section bellow. Personally, there’s nothing perfect in this world. And while for you they might be the ONES, for others, they might not be.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the UA CURRY 4 LOW. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!


2 thoughts on “Under Armour Curry 4 Low REVIEW – The GREAT Became GREATER

  • April 12, 2019 at 10:19 am

    I play 4 times 3 hours a week outdoors
    How long will it last

    • April 15, 2019 at 9:39 am

      They should hold you a season if with solid rubber outsole. Translucent one is a bit softer so it takes away a few months I would say.


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