NIKE LeBron 15 REVIEW – Meet The Future!

This one is different… Meet the future. Meet The Nike LeBron 15.

Let’s get it!



WEIGHT: 457 g. / 16.1 oz

TECH: ZOOM AIR, MAX AIR, BattleKnit, Flywire





BD RATING: 9.3/10







Although the knitted upper era has been in the sneaker industry for quite a while now, but for LeBron‘s sneaker line this is the very first sneaker which features a knitted upper. That’s about damn time Nike.

For such a powerhouse beast like LeBron, that good old Flyknit isn‘t gonna cut it this time – just too much finesse & power to handle, man. So for this one of a kind mission the BatteKnit takes its place to keep up with LeBron’s motion on court. This is a new generation knit that was exclusively designed to meet the demands of explosive players like LeBron and to trample on his tremendous forces throughout the game.

Across the whole shoe‘s upper, there‘re four different BattleKnit sections that do different tasks. Let‘s start from the toe box. There we do have this more traditional looking knit, yet it‘s way more structured to surely hold up toe drags, while still keeping that confines on a high level by seamlessly blending- in the second section of a knit that goes up to the tongue area.

Now, the tongue and a high-stretch collar are made out of 100% pure knit that does possess plenty of room to stretch and makes on or off process super quick, easy and straight forward. So no more pain in the ass trying to stick your god damn foot in the shoe. That LeBron Soldier 10 life tho.

Finally, there comes the most pressure receiving section of the upper – the lateral side. Again, you need some crazy stuff to hold on these 240lbs of pure force coming down the line. And Nike just did that with a fashion. This beastly ass looking knit has some serious dens to it, I’m not even exaggerating. Flyknit on steroids that’s for sure.




For the past few years BOOST has been killing the cushion game and while this comes from a true die-hard fan of BOOST. I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys will agree on this one. (Nike fans – chill out & keep reading).

However, I just gotta give Nike huge props for making this happen. They just stole the show with this one. REACT? Nah man… Just forget about this weak ass foam setup. AIR is the truth way to go. And this time around, we got the most deadly combo of all time – ZOOM Air & MAX Air joining forces to finally knock that BOOST to sleep.

So the LeBron 15 features four-way articulated ZOOM Air & MAX Air mesh up together with pretty thick Phylon layer on top to keep all this AIR madness controlled. And of course, this particular setup alone from a construction stamp point, reminds me of the KD 9’s articulated ZOOM Air tooling. But this time, we do have more articulated sections and that MAX Air helps to obtain much improved performance in pretty much any area. And that makes it the most brutal cushion tooling ever.

Although the midsole seems super-high of the ground and that might indicate a huge turn off for our guards out there. But personally, I didn’t feel clumsy or high of the ground like with the past LeBron’s sneakers. The 15 does play completely different from what we used to since the tooling itself plays whole lot lighter & smoother, delivering enjoyable heel to toe transition. Still, I would not recommend it for those who prefer fair amount of court feel, cuz you’re not getting that from this one.

But if you’re that player who is built like LeBron and you’re playing aggressive & powerful basketball or you’re a true monster in the paint, then this is the best setup that you can get right now – ton of impact protection and bonce in the heel, as well as in the forefoot. Yet, with all of this goodness you’re no giving out responsiveness as well.




So just from looking at it, the outsole does look pretty darn aggressive & one hell of a dense. It kinda even reminds me of those indoor soccer boots’ outsoles. And if you don’t know, these bad boys are tend to deliver some amazing grip with the floor – that hall of fame level stuff, if you know what I mean. That’s why I was expecting similar results from the LB 15’s as well.

Unfortunately, they didn’t live up to my expectations completely, as the performance wasn’t on that hall of fame level even though, this particular colorway features a solid rubber compound, not a translucent one. Still, the LB 15’s did above solid job keeping me steady & secure while doing sharp cuts or crossovers on every single court that I’ve played. That means you gonna be good both on clean or dirty surfaces.

Now talking about those dirty courts, you wanna watch out for those dust by wiping your outsoles periodically to keep that solid bite alive. And you really don’t need to step your wiping game up. Just keep your regular wiping routine ready and you will be golden.

As for outdoor usage, I highly recommend you to keep them away from any outdoor court since the knobs are SUPER tiny, resulting pour durability on harsher surfaces.




When you’re dealing with this kind of setup (talking about that BattleKnit), there’s no such a thing like messing something up. There’s no way. That hall of fame fit is written in its DNA man. And you can do nothing about it. It’s like seeing LBJ coming down the lane with that mad face straight to you and your only option is to throw a quick prayer. Cuz you’re about to get dunked on.

So what’s best about this new generation knit is that Nike was able to combine that amazing sock like fit together with really sturdy containment, which is a rare thing to see on a hoop shoe. And from what we have today, this one is the best in the business.

You’re receiving ton of comfort coming from every single piece of the shoe and when talking about a one piece construction, the most essential thing becomes a proper ankle collar to make things easy & uncomplicated, and again, the LB 15 comes as a winner yet again – pure knit that stretches to fit even the largest foot. That’s a true sock fit for sure.

Now as far as the actual fit goes, they do fit true to size and due to this knit construction it doesn’t matter whether you have a wide or narrow foot – true to size is exactly want you want.




Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter with what kind of knit you’re dealing with, you’ll always be giving up something for that nice fit. And nine times out of ten it happens to be support that you giving up.

Now BattleKnit on the other hand, does have this problem as well but it’s hardly noticeable, as those support features always remind you that the shoe is built for basketball, not only for casual wear. The very first second you touch the court, the shoe switches to that battle mode and then support & containment kick in once tightened up.

That thick ass peace of knit on the sides works in tandem with Flywire cables to keep your foot from lateral movements. While external and internal heel counters lock your heel tightly – no sloppy fit just solid coverage.

And again, make sure you pick the right size to get the most out of support section.



Just look at that swoosh on the back… #SneakerHeadgasm for sure.

But are they worth the money? Let’s see… The ZOOM Air & MAX Air midsole that does deliver ton of impact protection and bouncy ride – CHECK. Mad comfy, yet supportive Next-gen BattleKnit – CHECK. Head-turning style with synthetic leather accents – CHECK. LBJ’s signature logos – CHECK. And finally, the $185 price tag – CHECK.

Yeah, I get it. $185 is a lot of money to spend on one pair, especially when there’re dozens of cheaper options to choose from that do deliver solid performance. But man… We might be witnessing the birth of next generation basketball shoes that starts from the LeBron 15.

To wrap things up, if you’re a powerhouse player who prefers playing aggressive & strong basketball like LBJ himself, these are definitely your #1 option.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the NIKE LEBRON 15. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

4 thoughts on “NIKE LeBron 15 REVIEW – Meet The Future!

  • January 15, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    hey man, thanks for the great review. i was wondering if these would be good for a light shooter?

    • January 16, 2018 at 10:49 pm


      That’s my job man.

      From my perspective, I think the LB15 isn’t a perfect match for your position & play style, mainly because of a super plush midsole. Without a doubt this is one hell of a cushion tooling for a powerhouse player who prefers having a ton of impact protection to deal with that force & weight. While your kind of position requires way more stability & responsiveness within the midsole for proper foot planting and stable, yet precise shooting form while rising for that jump shot on any given of time. So in this case, I would recommend you to try the adidas Dame 4’s or UA Curry 4’s.

  • March 1, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Hey man,
    which do you like better, boost or zoom? also flyknit or primeknit

    • March 1, 2018 at 10:18 pm

      Sup bro,

      Both BOOST & Zoom have their own amazing implementations. The Crazy Explosive ’17 with the Harden Vol. 2 have the BOOST set-ups. Meanwhile, the LeBron 15 has the craziest Zoom tooling. Same things with materials. Although, I would give a 1 point advantage to Flyknit on ball shoes. Primeknit owns it in lifestyle department tho.


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