Nike Kyrie 4 REVIEW – Now That’s A KILLER!

So 2017 has come to an end and this is gonna be my last performance review this year. But let me say something, it was one hell of a journey and unforgettable experience for me. And I‘m blessed to finish things up with an incredible shoe – the Nike Kyrie 4.

Low profile cushion, non-existing impact protection, paper lightness & killer traction – that‘s the Kyrie line. But then the Kyrie 4 comes in, and hell yeah it‘s different.

So without any further ado, let‘s see how they did!



WEIGHT: 13.06 oz / 370.2 g













It‘s now safe to say that throughout these years Kyrie line didn‘t receive enough love from Nike in terms of material quality – cheap-looking & plastic-like mesh is unacceptable even on a $120 performer. Doesn‘t it?

But then the Kyrie 4 comes is breaking all the standards, except the one about mesh… It still does feel cheap to me, even though you can feel a tinny improvement. Cmon Nike… You can better than that.

Now let‘s talk a few exciting things, shall we? Apart from that god damn mesh on the front, the rest of the shoe does feature some freaking premium & old school stuff. Going towards the back, we got huge suede panels both on medial and lateral side, giving the shoe that awesome premium look & feel, while adding support/containment in crucial areas.

While on the heel area there‘s a small synthetic leather panel to spice things up even further. Damn… That‘s a lot of layers for $120. Now I‘m almost happy about the upper.




Again, the cushion toolings used every single generation of the Kyrie line, counting from 1 to 3, was always the reason why they were directing only very specific group of people. And that was the main reason why I didn‘t enjoy them being a bigger dude who needs ton of impact protection & bouncy ride.

But guess what? All of a sudden the Kyrie line takes a drastic turn and delivers a well-balanced tooling with Zoom Air & Cushlon in charge. Oh man… That caught me off guard. A versatile Kyrie shoe? Hell yeah!

So now I don‘t care whether you‘re a Kyrie line fan who did enjoy previous stuff or a player who is hunting for a well-balanced  & premium looking performer which doesn‘t break your bank, all of you will definitely enjoy having them in your rotation or as a main shoe to hoop in.

The Zoom Air unit in the heel does feel sufficiently plushier, offering you quite bouncy yet super responsive ride. It‘s not eventually something on a same level as BOUNCE, but I still did enjoy it quite a lot. It‘s definitely an enormous step further what we had.

Finally, the Cushlon forefoot is freaking no joke, man. It‘s just pleasure to strike from your forefoot every single time. It gives you that plushy feel while still maintaining that famous rapid response.




The Kyrie 4‘s outsole is equipped with the multi-directional herringbone pattern, which straight off the bat does look particularly aggressive as any other version of the Kyrie line. And although they kept that famous aggressive look, the on court performance wasn’t so aggressive. They kind of lost it somewhere.

I’m definitely not saying that they did perform trash. No way! I’m just saying that the 4’s have lost that unique, beastly bite that the previous generations had and was famous for.

While you’re gonna be money on a clean court #straightupglue, these god damn dirty courts will get you wiping them outsoles whenever it’s possible. But if you keep them nice & debris-free they will deliver some amazing grip both on the inside and the outside.

And those crocodile teeth looking traction extensions are capable to carry on & continue even your craziest moves on the court. You can legitimately go 90 degrees with them.




Let‘s chill out a little bit now as there‘s no drastic changes in terms of how they fit. So if you had a pair of Kyrie‘s before, the 4‘s did fit basically identical and that means there‘s any downsides that could potentially ruin your whole experience with them. It just solid from any angle you‘d look.

Just don‘t freak out after taking them out of the box for the first spin, as they gonna be tight in the mid-foot section. So just give them a few hours to break in and you‘ll be good to go.

Still, wide footer should be aware of that narrow fit. Make sure you try them in store if possible. For anyone else I would suggest going true to size.




Thanks to suede & leather backup, the Kyrie 4‘s received a solid amount of additional structure within the upper without upgrading or implementing new support tech that would have led to a bigger price tag.

The internal heel counter is in place as well and while it might not be the strongest one out there, it still gets the job done perfectly by holding your heel tightly in place. As in the forefoot area these extended traction teeth work in tandem with the Flywire cables to keep your foot from unnecessary side to side movements while making hard cuts or moves.

And of course, this wouldn‘t be a Kyrie sneaker without its famous rounded outsole which just takes that heel to toe transition and put it to another level. Straight up buttery smooth motion.



Looking at this year‘s Nike releases, the Kyrie 4 really stands out for it‘s incredible versatility & an opportunity to grab a solid performer without breaking your bank. It‘s pleasure to see the Kyrie line evolving to the right direction and reaching out bigger group of people.

You really don‘t need to spend a fortune to get a pair of sneakers which gonna give you everything you can possibly need to be the best on the hardwood. And the Kyrie 4‘s are perfect example of it.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the NIKE KYRIE 4. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

2 thoughts on “Nike Kyrie 4 REVIEW – Now That’s A KILLER!

  • January 9, 2018 at 2:08 am


    I have heard that the traction on the kyrie 4s is inconstant. Traction is a top priority for me in a shoe. Is this true?


    • January 9, 2018 at 10:51 pm

      Hey man!

      Unfortunately, yes. That’s true. There’s some inconsistency when playing on dirty courts. So you need to wipe the outsoles whenever you have a free sec or two to keep traction performing well.


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