Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit REVIEW – Best Modern Kobe?

No, this isn’t a high top version of the Kobe AD NXT 360… This is a whole different animal. This is the Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit and my in-depth thoughts about it.

Let’s get this going.



WEIGHT: 397.4 g. / 14.02 oz






BD RATING: 8.1/10





As of late, the sneaker game is all about that transparent life, and that was quickly adapted to the basketball segment as we can see more and more transparent sections making onto basketball sneakers, and the Nike Kobe AD NxT 360 ff is the most “naked” you can go on the court right now. But how does it affect the performance? Well, it not only continues what the Kobe line has been doing from pretty much a day one, but it actually brings that up a notch. Of course, I’m talking about lightness, mobility & one-to-one fit.

Even though the 360 ff isn’t the lightest what we saw from the Kobe line, the AD NXT 360 is the undefeated champion in this category, it still does feel & play like one.

You do have a full hand of different layers that are accountable for different tasks. The main body construction is made out of quad-fit mesh, which basically means it features 4 different density mesh panels to create a true second-skin-like fit, but at the same time generate support & containment where it’s needed. But that’s not it, to cover up and protect the Fast-Fit system there’s a super-thin synthetic layer which does feel like a mix of true human skin and material that compression gear is making of.

Now for those “mamma” questions is this upper practical and durable, the answer is yes. Over a month of playing in them, the materials are holding their own pretty solid. Only scratches are showing which is a natural thing.



Obviously, it’s a drop-in midsole, how can it be different, right? To be more specific, we’re looking at a dual-density drop-in midsole that mainly contains React foam with a thin layer of Cushlon in the back for some extra stability? Extra stability? Yep, I was thinking the same thing… Where the hell you need extra support when he midsole is already barely thicker than my basketball socks. And even after all of that madness, I somehow did manage to enjoy it. Don’t ask me how, but that definitely put a smile on my face, a wide one.

No doubt about it, the set-up is still mainly shifted to fit guards, which indicates super flexible midsole for a player to feel as natural as possible while doing all sorts of moves on the court. As all of that is backed up with great court feel, snappy responsiveness and some pep in your step to help improve that striking power and make it half enjoyable for other positions too. At the end of the day, nowadays we’re seeing centers rocking Curry’s and Kyrie’s, so the 360 is definitely could fit most of the ballers across the board.



The Kobe AD NXT 360 FF is rocking our well-known nub traction pattern and compared to last seen iteration of the nub grip on the Kobe line, the AD NXT 360, the nubs on these did receive some durability enhancements by making them more aggressive and just overall thicker as far as their construction goes. Not only that, but the rubber compound itself is also harder, which allows you to bring them outside, though, full-time outdoors hooping in these is still not recommend. Sorry hardcore street baller, they are only for your Friday special hoop session to show off your $200 ball shoes.

When it comes to performance, there’s no need to talk about how things are on clean courts when having sick traction, yep, this is that time. Fast forward to performance on dirty courts, the 360 FF is ready to bring you beastly bite even under extreme conditions, which you can always find at the 24’s if you don’t believe my word. Just a few periodical wipes throughout the session, and you’re ready to ball out like Kobe did in his prime. And all of this is done by translucent rubber. The solid compound, if there’s going to be one, might even be worth a hall of fame badge.



When it comes to their sizing, it hasn’t changed from previous models. That being said, true to size should fit you nicely whether you are a regular, narrow or wide footer, the Fast-Fit system combined with stretchy materials got you covered. Still, trying them out in-store is always a great idea, especially when having this type of construction where performance heavily relies on proper fit.

Now covering the Fast-fit system, it’s a different animal from what we had to experience in the AJ 34. It does feel more mature & polished in a way that you can get way more equal lockdown throughout the whole front portion, which wasn’t a case in the AJ 34. Nonetheless, the adjustability that you do have with the traditional lacing system is still not there yet. It wasn’t a deal-breaker or something that I was missing in the shoe badly, but that’s definitely the next thing for makers to figure it out in the next year or so.

I already have talked about how they fit & play in the MATERIAL section. But in case you missed it, the 360 FF does welcome your foot with almost perfect one-to-one fit from the first slip-in & pull moment. When you’re on the court doing your thing, you barely can feel them on feet, which is always a great fit indicator. In other words, lightness, custom fit and freedom combined with proper lockdown is what they are all about.



Most of the firepower comes from the midsole, that’s how support works in a lightweight sneaker, and it definitely doesn’t mean it might be not enough for you. No-no-no. Unless you’re built like Shaq, you should be good, ballers word.

Laterally, since you sit in the drop-in midsole, my foot was having a pretty substantial wall to hold on to when applying lateral force. Never did I bust out of the footbed in these or even close to that. Same goes for the heel area, after cranking down the wires, the heel section is completely locked down, even though, this is probably the smallest heel counter in the game. That little dude got some game…

The platform isn’t lacking behind everything else in terms of performance either. It’s a wide one with pretty aggressive outrigger, resulting in wide ground coverage at all times. Oh, and the ankle straps, which is there if you ever need some extra ankle containment.



Next to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Kobe Ad nxt 360 ff doe look like 50 cents, let’s put it that way. Now all jokes aside, it’s one hell of an expensive shoe that has a huge potential to be the best performing modern Kobe. But does that make them worth buying? Nope, none of them do…

So what’s your verdict then? WAITING. Christmas is coming so do the discounts. Get my point? Do you know what else is coming? Grandma’s gifts. Cha-ching!



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the NIKE KOBE AD NXT FASTFIT. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

4 thoughts on “Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit REVIEW – Best Modern Kobe?

  • April 9, 2020 at 4:03 am

    Hi there,

    Can’t believe I’ve only chanced upon this site recently. Just wanted say, “great work!”, and I ordered the Nike Kobe FF, after reading your review 😊

    I have researched them for months, as reviews were generally negative. And after Kobe’s passing, the resellers went CRAZY. Now that the prices for the FF has come down a lil, I wanted to try if these would be a good complement to the Converse All Stars BB Pro Grinch that I absolutely love

    • April 12, 2020 at 4:02 pm

      Better now than never. Now if you love your Converse All Star BB Pros, these should be no different. Maybe even better… Tell me your experience once you test them out.


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