Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit REVIEW – Are They Worth The Money Now?

I really enjoyed both the Mid and the Low version of the Hyperdunk 2016 – Phenomenal sneakers with the one of the best & most versatile cushion setups in 2016, going along with every single feature that you want to carry on court.

But today we came here to review the last version of Hyperdunk 2016’s family – Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit. With that all Flyknit upper & redesigned futuristic silhouette Nike really dropped the hammer down and raised this shoe line on another level.

Now, $200 isn’t the money that everyone can pay for a sneaker, especially when contender’s models are priced at $50 less or even more. But how about now? Are they forth $120 tag in 2017?

Let’s find out!



Weight: 362 g. / 12.77 oz



Colorways: 3+


Retail Price: $200 | Price Today $120

My Rating: 8.7/10

Best Places to Buy: NIKE | AMAZON






For the first time, Flyknit made its debut on the Hyperdunk‘s shoe family. It isn‘t quite a complete Flyknit experience since the toe box is constructed from the glue & Flyknit combo. Although, the rest of the upper do feature 100% Flyknit material and oh boy does it feel comfy!

The toe box reminds me of the Kobe 11 ELITE with those plastic cables implemented into the Flyknit. It‘s not as flexible, soft and forgiven as other areas with pure knit, but it still gives you some of the taste of that incredible comfort level and freedom that the Flyknit can offer.

It‘s little bit disappointing that they do not feature pure flyknit along the whole upper, but durability is the only factor which kept Nike from doing that. With that glue backing, the toe era becomes way more durable and no as sensitive for toe drags.

Other than that, they felt AMAZINGLY comfortable – tons of flexibility, improved breathability and enjoyable motion transition as well.




So from the first sight you can‘t see any differences at all – same shape, same Phylon, same midfoot/heel ZOOM Air units peaking from the outsole. However, that small area between the heel & midfoot units now is changed from Phylon to another small Air unit.

Does it feel any different? Yes, but just slightly. You‘re not going to feel any major performance changes and that‘s not a bad thing since the cushion setup was already well made. It‘s actually my #3 most favorite cushioning after BOOST and the KD9‘s setup.

As I said before, you just simply can‘t go wrong with this setup. This low-profile cushioning offers you tremendous impact protection, bouncy ride for a big guy, while giving tons of court feel and responsivnes for those quicker/smaller guards.




While the midsole received a small improvement from the old versions, the traction pattern remain the same.

Again, on clean courts you‘re ready to ball from start to finish with zero problems whatsoever. But on semi dirty/dirty courts the outsole does collect some dust, so infrequent whipping is required.

Despite those damn dust, you‘re still getting reliable grip with the floor, solid move coverage and decent stopping power. Just keep them clean and they will keep you safe.




The more traditional upper on the Mid & Low versions already performed nicely in terms of comfort, but with the Flyknit upper it‘s even more comfortable in certain areas than before. And that‘s what you expect from Flyknit.

Although, the toe box does feel better on older versions due to softer Mesh material.

Now the actual fit is another scenario. In regards of Flyknit, Nike was forced to reconstruct the upper, in result, causing way narrower & longer fit than we had on previous versions. It‘s almost like the KD9‘s fit.

For that reason, regular/narrow feet owners MUST go half a size down if they don‘t want to have the whole finger of dead space in the toe area.

Despite this problem, the Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit is still a wide foot friendly model. I‘d say going ½ a size down is a good idea for wide footers as well. Just don‘t worry about narrower construction, Flyknit got you covered.




Obviously, the support department suffers from that Primeknit upper, but this time not as much as I was expecting. They still feature the exact same support setup – Flywire cables for better one-to one fit, higher midsole which keeps your foot from rolling the foot bed and , of course, a heel counter (this time an external).

So every single support piece is here and it works as you expecting – PERFERCTLY. The knit upper is the one and only aspect that holds this shoe from being as supportive as previous versions.



Personally, this is the best looking version out of all of them – that sexy Flyknit pattern, that futuristic silhouette. BEAUTIFUL

On top of that, the Flyknit version is capable to offer even better performance in some departments (cushion & materials to be exact), but also has a few drawbacks, like sizing and less supportive upper). Overall, all versions of the Hyperdunk 2016 has phenomenal, well-rounded performance.

So do they forth the money now? Looking at 2017‘s shoe market there‘re tons of great performers. However, the Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit is still able to fully compete with these models.

Flyknit upper, dope silhouette, versatile performance that any caliber player will enjoy. For $120? Ohh, yeah! They forth every single penny. And then you think about it, they‘re still the latest model of the Hyperdunk line, so you ain’t gonna be outdated with these yet.




Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the NIKE HYPERDUNK 2016 FLYKNIT. Which version is your favorite? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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