Nike Cosmic Unity REVIEW – My Latest Go-Tos

Sustainability being a thing right now, it was just a matter of time when it hits the sneaker world, and the basketball footwear industry specifically. That, obviously, didn’t take a minute.

Nike, of course, it’s Nike, to be the first to introduce the first in the game semi-recycled basketball sneaker silhouette. Meet the Nike Cosmic Unity – trash that make for one of the kind futuristic look, and more.

Want to know what’s more? You have to read it yourself. Let’s get it.



WEIGHT: 533 g. / 18.8 oz (size 12 us)






BD RATING: 8.9/10





The Cosmic Unity’s upper smoothly bridges a knitted portion upfront with a textile/foam combo in the back in a friendly 1:1 ratio.

The unique nature of Flyknit where the main structure is made out of micro strings while covered up with massive cables, can’t call them strings how massive they are, that goes as a supportive overlay. Therefore, the front end is gifted with a supreme level of comfort as this specific version of Flyknit doesn’t require any plastic coating. At the same time, those chunky ropes like a bunch of moms in one place continuously protect you from busting your ankles on explosive moves.

Oh, by the way, that recycled foam running all around the shoe does remind me of its texture those super cheap toilet paper rolls. Though, that still looks dope when you look from the complete design perspective. Agree?



If I have ever said –  “Now this is the best Zoom Air implementation ever”. I was lying… Don’t blame me, I just figured it out myself. But no, for real, this is the best Zoom Air version as of right now. This time I’m 100% positive.

Imagine having the KD 12’s Zoom Air Strobel stuffed inside what made the original Kyrie line so popular, and unique – a buttery smooth midsole. Well, you don’t have to imagine, it all has become a reality with the Cosmic Unit, and a bit extra. Extra, in this situation, means less in fact.

Nike has stripped the foam layer to a complete minimum in order to achieve a low profile ride with endless maneuverability abilities, while that freaking perfect Zoom Air Strobel is doing all the heavy lifting by providing some really solid bounce, and impact protection that our big guys will definitely appreciate.



Old school. Classic. OG. You can call it however you want it. I’m talking about an original herringbone traction pattern that definitely falls out of this whole sci-fi theme, but adds an incredible value when it comes to performance. They weren’t meant to sit in a museum, they were meant to kill it on the hardwood. Trust me, that outsole does exactly IT.

You can literally throw whatever you want at them, the result is one – they’re going to eat it all. On top of that, the pattern is widely spread out in order to avoid it choking over some dust or debris. Still, wiping from time to time would be an ideal thing.

Now when it comes to outside hooping, the Cosmic Unity would not be your go-to outdoor beater, but occasional visits won’t hurt them either.



I’ve already talked about the good stuff produced by the upper, and how it affects the fit. That nice knit section gets you straight off the bat one-to-one fit. No tiresome break-in process. No digging. No cutting. Just lace them up, make sure you’re using the top loop if having some heel slippage, and you’re ready to dominate.

When it comes to sizing, they’re leaning a bit towards the narrow side of things, but just barely. That being said, this shouldn’t create any fit problems for semi-wide footers, unless you’re a true wide footer. In that case, go a 1/2 size up. For everyone else left – true to size should work perfectly.



This is probably the least exciting part of the shoe, not because it sucks, but because the other stuff is so good, that for this section being really solid just isn’t enough. But hey, support worked like a charm for me nevertheless.

That heavily foamed heel portion that looks like the back end of a rocket ship, without a doubt, does a perfect job of locking your heel once you find your ideal lace configuration. In my case, I was ready to go with how it came out of the box.

All of that transfers into the midsection, where you do get a combination of recycled foam going up on the wall, a massive swoosh (recycled as well), along with a crew of chubby Flyknit cables. It made sure my foot’s amplitude of movement had never touched or reached the danger zone where I would get scared of busting off the footbed.



Honestly, the first time hearing about this Nike concept I was, like – “Yep, yet another fancy advertising that hides a mediocre performance under its shadow”. Damn, I was so wrong this time…

The Nike Cosmic Unity was created with performance as the main intention/priority, followed by those extras that we don’t really care about. That’s some dope stuff, Nike.

That’s why paying a premium or signature model price point for a non-signature, in this case, makes a lot of sense. Why? Here’s why…

1. Top-of-the-line technologies.

2. Great built quality.

3. The chance to save our planet by 20% as much as it sounds gimmicky.

Finally, the most important, at the same time, most exciting reason – a performance that makes the majority of this year’s signature models run for their money.

By the way, these are my go-to’s right now.



Baller from Europe? We GOT YOU.


Hope you enjoyed my performance review on the NIKE COSMIC UNITY. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
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