Jordan React Elevation REVIEW – They’re Money

Jordan React Elevation was debuted in the 19-20 NBA bubble by none other than a new member of the Jordan family – Luka Doncic.

His monstrous performances, including one of the best bubble game-winners against the Clippers, couldn’t make a more perfect introduction for the Jordan brand’s new basketball silhouette.

But that wasn’t a one match debut, Luka continues to ball out in the Jordan React Elevation this season, and that’s for a good reason.

Here’s the Jordan React Elevation performance review. Let’s get it!



WEIGHT: 476 g. / 16.7 oz (size 12.5)






BD RATING: 8.6/10






You can clearly see that the Jordan brand put all of their effort and money straight down into the midsole. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like good news for the upper. But apart from in-hand experience not being right on a premium level, even that, the built quality itself and those vivid fuse panels really do make for a quality look. The on-foot sensation, on the other hand, shouldn’t leave anyone unhappy since it offers an essential package of everything you need on-court.

The React Elevation’s upper mainly contains textile with quite a few synthetic leather and fuse hits throughout the silhouette. Sounds super mainstream and all that stuff, but it actually has that not every day feel to it.

The upper does feel incredibly minimalistic, fast, and thin. That can be not the case by just weighing them in your hand. But once you put them on – it hits you with that low-top featherness, although, this is a mid-top sneaker.

That’s why the Jordan brand had to make the textile a tad bit stiffer than we usually expect it to be. Therefore, the main takeaway of that has to do with the upper taking longer to break-in, and even after that, the whole one-to-one fit concept might not be perfect for some. That being said, picking up the right size plays a crucial role.



Quite a few signature models can be jealous of a tech sheet for the Jordan React Elevation. It’s not the first time we seeing a collaboration between Zoom Air & React foam for a cushion setup. But damn, this is the first time it hit me in the right places.

It’s not right on the same level as a holy grail –  full-length Zoom Air when it comes to that famous infinitive springiness. I mean, the forefoot does have that sensation. The heel portion is where it lacks a bit.

However, this type of tooling benefits players by maintaining a heavily cushioned midsole in a lighter form factor. That’s why React implementation kills it in this shoe.



Herringbone and circular traction patterns combining their powers under one roof in this one. So expecting something else than A1 performance would’ve been dumb.

This stuff right from the get-go is ready to deliver a full-coverage, stop on a dime, and other sick stuff on whatever court conditions.

A spread-out grip makes no friends with dust or other debris, resulting in the same performance outcome on dusty courts. Just leave wiping for other guys on the court.

Oh, and outdoor roughness is not a problem for the Jordan React Elevation either. Those deep grooves combined with relatively firm rubber compound will let you enjoy that killer traction at least for a solid season.



That Kim Kardashian’s butt like heel portion definitely doesn’t create a speedy look back there. But don’t get fooled by that. Every time I would put them on, I’m like – “damn they light”. It never gets old.

Usually, it’s a low profile silhouette with minimal cushion injection that makes you feel that type of way. Turns out, lightness/speed can work in tandem with cushion loaded midsole, and the Jordan React Elevation shows that.

As mentioned before, having less pliable materials, sizing comes big in order to get the most out of the shoe. Therefore, narrow and regular footers should order both true to size, and half a size smaller pairs to see which one fits better.

This particular mesh tooling won’t stretch too much after a break-in process, so you can trust your first impression.

Now for wide footers, same thing applies, pick true to size as well as half a size bigger pair.



No, this won’t be a kryptonite spot for the shoe where it ruins what it was a great experience so far. These bad boys continue to rock in this segment as well.

A drop-in sitting position, where your foot is cupped around by a midsole, with some solid help coming out of synthetic leather panels, and non-stretchy mesh built eliminates all the physical ways your foot might move in an unwelcome manner.


Digging that basketball? Check more unique designs over at


The kings of team models did it again. If you’re looking for an all-around hardwood performer, aim for a Jumpman logo. It’s becoming like a rule almost.

The Jordan React Elevation is a solid, sorry, a GREAT performer model that makes signature models run for their money.

An ultimate team model, I think, should be able to complement all the playstyles, and do all the things. It’s definitely a tough task to do, especially when a brand is locked in a tight budget.

But it seems like the Jordan brand found a secret formula for that, and the Jordan React Elevation is their latest hit.



Hope you enjoyed my performance review on the JORDAN REACT ELEVATION. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below or e-mail me!

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