Best Nike Basketball Shoes (2017) – Can Nike Revitalize the Struggling Basketball Market?

Let’s be honest, Nike is now little bit struggling with their newest basketball sneakers (talking about performance department). Or maybe adidas made a huge improvement throughout 2016 and made Nike look bad? Anyway, I like how these brands are fighting for that sweet spot on top. This is perfect scenario for us – consumers. So excited to see how Nike will respond to adidas brand. However, despite unsuccessful year Nike still was able to create a few great performing hoop shoes.



#1 NIKE KD 9

Tech: FlyKnit, ZOOM AIR

Weight: 341.3 g. / 12.04 oz

Pros: Super Comfortable Fit | Premium Materials | Responsive & Bouncy Cushion Tooling | Solid Traction |

Cons: Not Suitable for Outdoors | Minimalistic Support |

Best for: Guards

Retail Price: $150

Nike did a solid job with KD 9. You will get superb cushion, great materials, killer grip and solid support and you know what else? New KD 9 cost $150… Damn Nike, you really surprised me. In my opinion, it’s a MUST have basketball shoe. Go grab it!




Tech: ZOOM AIR, Flyknit, Flywire

Weight: 362 g. / 12.77 oz

Pros: Solid Traction | Perfect Fit | Responsive Cushion Setup | Premium Materials |

Cons: Lack of Durability

Best for: All Position Players

Retail Price: $200

The Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit edition is super versatile shoe which will perform great for everyone. The flyknit upper & amazing lacing system which is connected with flywire strings, hugs your feet like a glove. Now the translucent outsole offers solid grip with the floor and the full-length ZOOM cushion tooling gives superb impact protection and bouncy ride to go with.




Tech: Flywire, ZOOM Air

Weight: 399 g. / 14.09 oz

Pros: Comfortable Materials | Beastly Support | Unbeatable Support | Inside is Heavily Padded | Great Mobility for Any Player |

Cons: Traction is Sensitive to Dust | Lack of Stability | HUGE Price |

Best for: All position players

Retail Price: $175

The best aspects of the shoe are cushion setup with great impact protection and the upper with flexible materials. Traction is quite solid too as long as you keep it clean. The LeBron 14 is versatile shoe. It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small guy, they will definitely fit your requirements.




Tech: Flywire, ZOOM Air

Weight: 370 g. / 13.05 oz

Pros: Premium Materials | Perfect Fit | Killer Lockdown in Forefoot Area | Responsive Cushion System |

Cons: Traction is Sensitive to Dust | Rubber Compound Too Soft for Outdoors| Lack of Impact Protection in The Heel Area |

Best for: Guards

Retail Price: $110

Light and small players will enjoy every minute in these due to perfect, one-to-one fit, great forefoot cushion, A+ support and solid court feel.

For $110 dollars I just can’t see any reason to not to buy them, especially if you’re a smaller guy.




Tech: Nike ZOOM AIR, Lunarlon, FlyKnit

Weight: 343 g. / 12.09 oz

Pros: Very durable upper | Dynamic Cushion setup | Great Support Breathability |

Cons: Inconsistent Traction | Lack of Comfort in the Forefoot |

Best for: All Position Players

Retail Price: $200

The Kobe 11 Elite isn’t the best performing sneaker – it’s just a one little step behind it (that one little step is traction). Although, regardless of inconsistent traction, you’re still getting very solid and enjoyable performance: comfy and at the same time extremely supportive upper, dynamic cushion setup for any type of player, lovely one-to-one fit and last but not least, superb overall support. I guarantee you, anyone will find something to enjoy in this Kobe model.



Hope you enjoyed my TOP 5 of best Nike basketball shoes 🙂

Share yor opinion about Nike basketball market. Do they really are struggling right now? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Best Nike Basketball Shoes (2017) – Can Nike Revitalize the Struggling Basketball Market?

  • March 26, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Hi. There is something about Nike shoes that I still love. “It’s in the shoes” as they used to say on the commercials. I tried the Nike Air Max a couple of years ago and LOVED them. But, they only lasted about 6 months. I was disappointed. Have they improved on durability at all?

    • April 4, 2017 at 8:16 pm

      Hey, Tim!

      I completely agree with you on this – they still got something special no matter what. Durability is like lottery – some of the models have solid durability and others – not really. However, talking about basketball sneakers – the durbility is pretty damn good now.

  • March 27, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    It blows my mind at the prices of what we use to call a sneaker. Your breakdown is very precise.

  • March 28, 2017 at 1:32 am

    Wow. Now, I am drooling.
    I have been pondering which basketball shoes to buy. Your picks really help me to focus. I think I will choose Nike KD 9. It is a bargain.

    Do you know if they have color selections? I prefer colorful shoes.

    • April 19, 2017 at 10:16 am

      Hey, Arief

      You made a great choice! The KD 9 has one of the best performance in the market right now.
      Yeah, they got tons of different colorways to choose from. I bet you can find most suitable colorway right HERE


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