So Christmas is right around the corner as we can already smell our Christmas cookies in the oven and hear the sound of a gift wrap. It might sound a bit paranoid but it’s just me trying to write something nice.

Anyway, the biggest Christmas question remains the same – What you should buy for your friend or family member to make him or her supper happy? Yeah, it’s hard and it takes more than a few hours running around the supermarkets like Sonic. But there’s even harder mission out there folks. And that’s deciding what to buy for those basketball freaks out there. It just takes the gift hunting to another level.

Maybe you aren’t really into the basketball or you just too lazy to think something for yourself? OR you just want a professional advice because you don’t want to screw things off? If that’s the case, you came to the right place.

There’s gonna be three editions – BUDGET, AVERAGE & VIP, which of one gonna include the best products for particular price tags.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this!

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Everyone has an Iphone, right? Okay, not everyone but most of you do. No offense to android users tho.

So it goes without saying, that in order to protect your expensive peace of tech from all kinds of damage you’re using a case. Of course, you wanna do this in style and maybe show of once in a while. And that’s where these sick looking cases come handy.

Animated today’s & past NBA heroes with super clean looking Apple logo action will make your Iphone stand out from all of them. And for only less than $2, this is one hell of a present which will make your friend or family members happy.



Although this one doesn’t have any reasonable practicality other than sit on a desk. But man… This little guy with a freaking huge head makes your desk or whatever you’re planning to put it on a 100 times livelier. It just those small details that make the difference.

And even thought this one doesn’t cost as an Iphone X (aka expensive), you can expect pretty impressive build quality. Damn… Even I have one of these sitting on my desk.



Wanna have handles like Kyrie? I bet you want. But there’s only one path of mastering handles and that is working your ass of day after day at the gym. And with these handle goggles you will put your training productivity a notch higher.

  • Unique design helps train players to dribble and handle the ball without looking down
  • Improves ball handling
  • Does not interfere with shooting
  • Adjustable fit
  • Soft plastic makes this very comfortable to wear


As long as our modern world with its crazy technologies will keep keys in our pockets, key chains gonna be a thing. So why not picking up a brand new keychain with your hometown or most favorite NBA team, huh?



Even though this fidget spinner madness is fading away but I’m 100% sure that some of you still can’t live without that spin. If that’s the case, a NBA themed fidget spinner would be a nice little gift.




It’s very important to keep your muscles warm throughout the whole game, especially your shooting arm. You wanna keep it on fire like Chef Curry himself (even though he’s not wearing a sleeve). So I putting this for you guys to judge, whether it can help or not. But those build-in hex pads do offer remarkable advantages of protection for sure.


Whether you’re heading to the gym, or doing pre-game shooting, you can’t imagine these actions without music. It’s probably the most effective & biggest power boost you can get. And in today’s world, wireless is the way to go – no long cables, no problems.

Just don’t let a $10 price tag scare you, these bad boys do have really solid sound quality which gonna impress you and alongside of that, build quality is just another thing to love about them. Even the UmboxTherapy was kindly impressed by these and that comes from a music freak.


A ball pump eventually isn’t the most excited thing to receive at Christmas morning and a bet this isn’t on your ultimate Christmas gift list as well. But it’s really crucial part of keeping your ball in a nice condition. I just don’t recommend you to make this thing as a present alone. Instead, you want to get a nice basketball (I have a few ready for you in this list) and add a pump to complete the gift. Now that’s a nice gift for a baller. Just pump it up and he or she is ready to ball with a brand new ball.


A basket isn’t a real basket without a net – no swish, no money. So for this case I have ready for you two super durable nets to choose from. One out of fabric to hear that awesome swish and one out of metal for those who want to keep the business on a street ball level.


What can be better than a warm cup of coffee or tea on a cozy holiday’s evening watching your favorite movie? There’s only one thing that can be better and that is a warm NBA themed cup of coffee/tea with your team logo on it and a nice NBA game in front of you.


No doubt about it, they’ve gone too far with all of these Z’s in the name but it doesn’t change the fact that this bball training marker could be irreplaceable piece of equipment while training young players main fundamentals, like shooting, dribble & defense. It allows you to perform huge variety of drills or games and to spice things up a bit more, there’s an all-weather digital timer for making games or drills slightly more competitive.



It looks fresh. It keeps your muscles ready to take an action on any given of time. It keeps your body nice & dry. And for us, men, it keeps our balls in place exactly how we like.

Down below, I have listed top-of-the-line compression gear with perfect build quality and solid performance to go alongside for less than $20.


If a new regular basketball net doesn’t make you excited, check this one out! Glow in the dark heavy duty net will definitely make a late night playing session way more exciting than ever before. And yeah…Even though this one is a bit pricey than all of its contenders. In exchange of 20 bucks you’re receiving that real glow which puts other glowing nets to sleep.


You just can’t go wrong with throwback jerseys, especially when those paper-thin, ripping Nike jerseys has pushed adidas brand out of the main business and the prices came down hard as a rock. So now we’re able to cop a brand new jersey of our beloved player without breaking a bank.

This could be a one hell of a present for one of your basketball freaks out there as they could hang them up on the wall or wear them in the game.




There’s really no need to introduce this one… As a basketball maniac, you can’t own too many balls (that’s what she said). Seriously, although I do own dozens of basketballs that are lying around everywhere in the house (I mean EVERYWHERE) and it seems like I really don’t need yet another ball. I’m still stalking them out when walking in the mall. And that is a bball maniac’s life in a nutshell.

For $20 you can’t really grab a solid indoor basketball (gonna include the best indoor basketballs in the next Christmas gift ideas edition, stay tuned!). But this one is a super nice & durable ball of outdoor balling.


Basketball doesn’t end up on the hardwood for those who own this mini hoop. What can I say… This one is a LOT of fun. #makingfamilymaddaily


What can be more comfortable than heading to your court or gym wearing a pair of slides? I can answer that. NOTHING. No doubt, it would be even different story to have boosted slides because BOOST is life and everyone knows it. But as long as it remains as a peace of mind and not an actual product (adidas please make boost slides), these ones are one of the best in this business.


I know you’re grinding for that 99 overall in my Career. But those who don’t know what the hell your son is playing & cursing all over the house, I’m gonna make a short introduction for y’all.

The NBA 2k18 is without any competition the best basketball game this year (NBA LIVE f*cks up again). And in this year’s game, VC (virtual currency) is super important than ever before. It really ruins the whole enjoinment of just playing a game and not grinding it 24/7, but it’s how the game developer companies do games these days.

So 75000 VC boost would be an awesome Christmas gift for your son or friend. They gonna love you for this!


Yet another crucial part of you feeling confident & comfortable on the hardwood is a proper set of basketball shorts. Lightweight feel, ton of motion freedom and of course, great dry properties is what you demand and it’s exactly what these listed shorts can offer to you.


There’s no better, more efficient way to carry on your perfect physical shape throughout the whole season, than using perfect-balanced multivitamins for active men or women.

And if you have never used any kinds of supplements in your career, I highly recommend you to finally pull the trigger and buy one of these, as you will receive way better results in what you’re doing.


Again, equipment could either make or break your confidence & performance on the court. You really don’t want to be thinking how bad one thing or another fits you, rather than focus on your game.


Now, how about a brand new sports water battle, huh?



Yes, you can actually grab a nice Bluetooth speaker with great build-quality, solid battery lifetime and clean, full of bass sound for less than $30. Surely, these listed speakers aren’t meant to pump up the whole park or court with ground shaking punch. But it definitely would your irreplaceable companion when heading to the gym or park and listening your playlist.


So you happen to have weak ankles, right? Yeah… That’s one huge pain in the ass having this common problem – bunch of injuries, pain, recoveries and so on. It could easily ruin your entire career in no time and we do have living proof for that – D.Rose.

That’s is why the only reasonable way is to wear an ankle strap which could save you from carrier killing injuries or at least, decrease the change of having it. And this particular McDavid ankle brace will ensure top of the line protection for your ankles.


Staying down below, for yet another awesome gift we do have basketball performance socks. Actually, I did the article answering weather performance socks really make a difference. So before buying them, make sure you check that one out.


SHORTS+TOWEL=GENIUS. These bad boys do feature built-in towel to make sure your palms are sweat free in most clutch moments of your game. I bet you can’t find more advanced bball shorts than these.

Hey! Make sure you use the code ASSIST20 for 20% off of your entire order.



Need better selection? There you have it. More awesome wireless earphones for you to choose from.


So you do prefer headphones over earphones? Don’t worry. Basketball Diagnostics got you covered!

The best quality to price ration headphones will definitely catch you off guard with that impressive sound quality. Again, trust me and my boy UnboxTherapy.


Adidas slides don’t float your boat, huh? How about Nike then? Soooo FRESHHH


More compression gear for you? Yes, please!


That all black Spalding ball is a bit overkill for you? Then you’re definitely gonna fall in love with this originally orange Baden Contender basketball.



That’s all for today’s Budget Edition Of Best Christmas Gifts For Basketball Players list.

I put in long hours, hard work & effort making this ultimate list. So I hope you did enjoy it! Let me know in the comment section below if you did find something nice for your baller?

And don’t forget to share this ultimate list on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or on any other social media platform. Let’s make this viral!


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