So we already covered up the budget edition of my ultimate best gifts for basketball players list. If you missed that out, I highly reccommend you to check it out as it features items upon items for the low low that gonna put smile on your friend’s or family member’s face.

Now, it’s about time to bring the second edition of the ultimate gift guide for our ballers – the average edition. This one is gonna stack the best products starting from $40 all the way up to $70. And that means BETTER gifts!

So don’t waste any time and let’s dive into the ultimate list!


Serious athletes are always taking care their health and body on every single step they make. And one of the most efficient & easy way to track your body condition in real time is to wear a smart wristband. Heart rate, fitness & sleep trackers, FAT burning tracker and even step counter are only one touch shy of checking out all of this awesome stuff. But things doesn’t end up there. Not only this small guy is a irreplaceable companion while doing sports or fitness, it can actually be a very helpful in a daily usage. You can pear this band with your Android or Iphone for call & message reminders.

So yeah… This small guy is powerful. And hey… It does feature enormously huge selection of different wrist traps for any occasion.


That’s right ladies and gentlemen. I’m coming back with yet another set of sick headphones.

And you already know the drill – best built-quality, outstanding, well-balanced sound, plenty of juice for a whole ball session and a ton of happy customers all over the world, including me & UnboxTherapy. Shout out to Lou!


I don’t know how about you, but I just can’t ball or train without compression gear no more. It’s like obsession to me and I know there’re bunch of people out there who feel the same.

So for those who are willing to get in this whole compression gear game and of course, for those who already are in it, here’s a killer list for all of you. From top to bottom.


A pair of ball shoes, some socks, compression gear, a few accessories, shorts, T-shirt or even hoodie and then a water battle AND a basketball. That’s a lot of stuff, doesn’t it? And sometimes all of this essential gear doesn’t fit in your regular backpack, am I right? Or if it does fit, you’re looking like a gad damn hiker with that huge ass bag on your back.

But I have a nice solution for you. A backpack which is strictly designed for us basketball players to fit our gear without having to worry about nothing.

Need more options or well-known brand? I got you covered. Just stick with me throughout this list.


No need to say anything else than QUALITY. That’s all you need to know.



So I did cover the older version of DRVY Baller shorts before in my Budget edition list – probably the sickest basketball shorts ever, especially for this price. But now, our ultimate pair of shorts gets an update which takes every single awesome thing about them and raises it a notch higher. You MUST give it a try.




Outdoor balling is a ton of fun, not gonna lie. But indoor basketball is where the business gets official & serious (not talking about those 24-hour courts with bunch of kids). And for this occasion you need a serious indoor ball to put in a few shots. ELITE is no joke.


Sometimes the weather gets cold and running around with just a tank top on isn’t fun anymore. That’s where a hoodie comes super handy. No doubt, you still want to look fresh and comfortable while playing ball, warming up before the game or just heading to the gym or your local court. So I picked up the best looking ones that not only will make you look fresh but will also provide light, comfy & seamless fit.


So as I promised to you earlier, there’s a few more awesome basketball backpacks for you to choose from. In terms of a construction, all of these do share almost the same construction. So everything comes down to which brand do you prefer better. Maybe a swoosh logo on your back is what makes you more comfortable or confident. That’s definitely fine.



You can’t think of a better time to cop a copy of NBA 2K18. The moment I’m writing this, it still has a retail price tag ($49.99) but as usually, expect some huge discounts just before Christmas. So eyes open! And don’t miss a perfect chance to pick up a perfect gift.


The Nike Elite Stripe shorts are probably the most popular ones out of them all, even though they’re holding a huge price tag. But if your wallet lets you to spend that much then you can be completely calm & sure about it, because you just bought a perfect gift. I mean, even the NBA All-Stars wear them.


More balls? Yes, please! (That’s what she said joke goes here)


Oh man… That minimalistic swoosh logo is looking so clean on this hoodie. By the way, this one is perfect for pulling off hoodie Melo style.



Alright alright alright! Now this one is special. Listen, if you have a son/daughter or friend who is not only interesting in basketball but in sneaker game as well, then you gonna blow them away with this EPIC gift. Even I would go crazy finding this box under my Christmas tree.




Paying close to 70 bucks for an ankle brace might sound a bit crazy. But trust me, this one is gonna keep your ankles no matter what, in no matter what kind of situation. It’s like armor for your ankles.

Point 3 brand has one of these sick baller backpacks too. And you already know how they’re doing with their products – originality, quality, looks & strictly dedicated for us basketball players. There’s no way you can find a better brand which understands and puts full effort towards creating the best products for ballers. You’re AMAZING guys!




This is the last one. I promise. WILSON + NCAA= AMAZING


That’s all for today’s Average Edition Of Best Christmas Gifts For Basketball Players ultimate list.

I put in long hours, hard work & so much effort making this ultimate list. So I hope you did enjoy it! And let me know in the comment section below if you did find something nice for your baller?

And don’t forget to share this ultimate list on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or on any other social media platform. Let’s make this viral!


  • December 15, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Hands down, the most comprehensive gift list across the board. Amazing job!
    Gonna give that point 3 backpack a try. You sold me on that one.

    • December 21, 2017 at 10:24 pm

      Tried to make something HUGE. I guess I pull tha off. Thanks for the support man! You gonna love this backpack so much.


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