ANTA KT4 – The Streak Continuous!

Last year the KT 3 was sort of like a trampoline for the ANTA brand to jump right into the middle of the basketball shoe game. It was definitely the year we put the most amount of attention on the KT line than ever before. For a reason… How about last year’s best performance for the money deal & a sweet spot in the TOP 10 list, huh?

With the way Klay’s signature line has been improving with every single iteration, I don’t expect less from this one… Welcome to the ANTA KT4 REVIEW!



WEIGHT: 398.8 g. / 14.07 oz






BD RATING: 8.6/10





So a lot of you, including me, are comparing the KT4’s upper with the stuff you can find on the LeBron 15: much look-alike construction & rather similar knit pattern. We get it, Klay, you were too jealous of the LeBron 15’s looking so freaking crispy. So you decided to adopt some of the pieces onto your shoe. That’s all good… I’m not mad about it. Are you?

Performance wise, I couldn’t run away from comparing them again to the 15, as the KT4 gave me almost the same on-foot sensation. It was like a flashback to 2017.

You got the same pure knit ankle collar & tongue combination for a soft touch over those areas, as well as, improving free range of motion. Though, the main body on the KT4 did feel a bit less complex I would say, which made the upper play faster & lighter. Yet, without losing any of the support properties compared to the 15s. So if you aren’t that big of a powerhouse player or you just simply don’t like carrying some extra weight on your feet – the KT4 is a better option. Basically, a lighter version of BattleKnit which means it’s a nice one.



Imagine the crazy duo of Zoom Air & Max Air from the LeBron 15 (I promise this is the last time I’m mentioning Bron’s sneaker) just in a form of a foam. Yep, that’s exactly how ANTA’s brand new A-Flashfoam cushioning system felt like. It’s freaking pillows & springs at the same time.

So the heel area is where you do receive that pillow-like sensation since there is no caging around that area. You’re just dealing with a wide open big chunk of foam and as a big dude who’s consistently doing his hard work in the paint, this is exactly what you want. Actually, you don’t even need to be a heavy dude to love it and feel it. If you like some crazy amount of compression in the heel – you got it.

Now with the forefoot – Anta kept the same fashion by caging out the outer lateral side of the midsole with that TPU type of wing as on the prior KT3. First of all – that color gradient on the “Make It Rain” colorway is straight up candies for my eyes… Sadly – I couldn’t find them in my size.

Going back to the business, the forefoot isn’t the lowest across the board but you still do receive a solid amount of court feel. So guards will definitely appreciate it. Whereas for responsiveness, it’s definitely the one thanks to that TPU cage. It keeps the foam from compressing to the sides much like in the heel. Instead, the caging forces a vertical compression, which means that the force you put in kicks back into your foot creating quick feedback. So yeah, you got yourself the best of both worlds.

There’s also a small learning curve you’re probably will be dealing with, well, I did. The offset on these is a bit bigger than we tend to see. It forces a player to play more on his forefoot which is good stuff for the most part. You just need to get used to this. Though you should be very careful while choosing the size, otherwise you’re gonna be destroying your toes. So keep that in mind.



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… And this is definitely the area that shouldn’t be touched or adjusted at all. That being said, the KT4 is rocking the same traction pattern adopted from the KT3 and it’s one hell of a traction, period.

The grooves are widely mapped so there are no roadblocks that would keep dust inside. However, due to the rather softer rubber compound, the treads themselves tend to collect some dust over time, causing a tad bit of a decrease in performance. Yet, it can easily be fixed with a quick wipe or two so no worries there. You’re still receiving that “take me wherever you want, I’m still gonna rock” type of performance. Same goes for outdoors – they should hold you solid.



Starting off with the upper – the main body of it (excluding a tongue & ankle area) is backed with some plastic and what seems like a nylon layer underneath. Plastic? Yep, we definitely heard that before *cough* Kobe 11 *cough*

But rather than Nike screwing things up for Kobe 11 – ANTA made IT right. You can’t feel any of plastic digging into your foot or anything like that. They blended it with precision. Yeah, it might not be the purest knit experience out there, but it still does adjust to your foot’s shape nonetheless. And with the help of flywire set-up, it does that really nicely, plus, there’s some extra support added. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

When it comes to the lacing system, you do have a traditional one, nothing complex or innovative here. That’s right, no self-lacing system here… Though, our old stuff with a few cables work just as good as never before creating that secure burrito-like fit. And the best part is… You don’t need to charge it. Oh, also, the KT4 has a cut out in the back for each shoe to improve ankle mobility and make you feel like you’re wearing low-tops. I bet your Nike Adapt BB’s don’t have that. LOL

Now for the sizing – I would recommend staying true to size.



The KT4 is surely not the most supportive shoe across the board, at the same time, definitely not the weakest one for sure. If only looking at its class (sneakers with knitted uppers) – the KT4 is a top dog for now.

Sometimes the main support comes from a midsole alone, like on the Nike Kobe AD 360. Some deal with these bad boys – the midsole is completely beefed up – it’s a freaking tank at this point.

When any other ball sneaker is rocking that traditional outrigger or any at all – the KT4 has an outrigger that covers approximately 3/4 of the midsole. Which makes the shoe really stable upon lateral moves or in any other type of situation. And if that is not enough for you… There’s a massive TPU wing on the side for keeping your foot on the footbed no matter what. In other words – it’s a nightmare for any undesirable move really.

Listen, they were made for the dude who’s constantly running around/over/through picks to get open and pop that shot without even one dribble, they must be solid, and they really are.

By the way, I didn’t mention but there’s also an internal heel counter & a torsional plate that do their job as good as any other part.



There’s not much left to say really other than the KT lane has become so good to the point where you just simply can’t ignore it anymore or take it for granted. It’s a freaking TOP performer – that says it all.




Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ANTA KT4. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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