It’s time for a second Splash Brother to show off his brand new signature release – the ANTA KT3.

And even though this isn’t a well-known brand in USA or Europe, that doesn’t mean they can’t deliver solid or even above solid performance for y’all. Men… You’re sleeping on them. And I’m about to show you why.


Let’s get it!



WEIGHT: 14.42 oz / 370.2 g






BD RATING: 8.5/10








Opposite to its past two predecessors, the KT3 does feature a full-length knitted upper to keep up with today’s market. No more of that Mesh nonsense.

And while this isn’t something with a fancy name, like “Primeknit” or “Flyknit”, don’t make it distract you from the fact that ANTA’s take on making a knitted upper was simply awesome. It’s different. It’s original. And I LOVE it.

The knit itself isn’t the stretchiest one in the business due to used Nylon backing & some glue to make the whole deal as versatile as possible. That’s why I don’t mind that glue.

You’re still getting that awesome knit experience and it does have some stretch to it nonetheless. While the Nylon backing & glue combo is what makes a heavy lifting there, creating more structure within the upper without hindering that sweet comfort. Okay. Maybe a little bit. But it’s totally worth it.




Klay Thompson is straight up “run & gun” type of player who appreciates stability & responsiveness while coming off the screen and planting his feet for a quick bucket. It’s basically what Shef Curry does. That’s why they’re splash brothers. Daaah…

An upgraded version of ANTA-EVA is what hides inside that midsole. In other words, there’s an EVA midsole carrying two different density foam pads in the forefoot & heel areas.

The heel is actually double stacked (using two pads) adding a solid amount of impact protection & making it feel less or more active in comparison of the forefoot.

From a bigger & heavier dude perspective, the back portion of the midsole was very solid, giving me enough impact coverage while fighting in the paint or running a fast break. However, due to relatively rigid external heel counter and a torsion plate which goes above the midsole, the heel area did not feel anywhere as squishy as on the KT 2’s.

Now talking about the forefoot, it’s like the lowest ride that you can get right now. Just pure court feel & responsiveness. So if you’re a heavy forefoot striker, shooter or both in one, you’re gonna fall in love with these instantly.




Everyone is going now for those circular, multi-directional traction patters and ANTA isn’t an exception. Hey, if it delivers I’m not mad. And believe me; the KT3’s traction is able to DELIVER quite a bit (in this case “quite a bit” means A LOT).

Widely-spaced grooves + multi-directional coverage + tacky rubber = TANK. I mean, I don’t care on how bad & dirty court you’re playing, these bad boys are ready to bring you that beastly BITE with the floor.

Wiping? Just wipe them outsoles once in a while and you’re gonna be fearless.

How about outdoors? Of course, why not.




So the toe section length & height wise does offer a ton of space to fit in any type of foot, making the KT3 a one hell of rare option for wide footer these days. While the midfoot & heel is partially tighter keeping your foot locked in place once laced up. That’s why I would recommend going true to size for no matter what type of foot you have.

Inside, there’s a Nylon backing acting like an internal sock, again, to build a more solid construction. Let me tell something, it seems like ANTA just stole that Nylon from the adidas Crazy Explosive ’16 regular edition. Just a PURE spandex-like experience around your foot. At some point this stuff does a better job of treating your foot even nicer than a knit. The only downside of it is that it does make the shoe a tad bit too hot in some cases. Considering it features a knitted upper. But it’s really not at a level when your foot suffocates.




Once again, the heel portion of the shoe is VASTLY reinforced with that heavy-duty heel counter, which not on only locks your heel into place but also acts like a lateral move protector. So the whole back of the shoe is completely isolated from any kind of unwanted move or slip.

Going further, we can find an oddly shaped torsion plate underneath the midfoot/heel section making a perfect tandem with completely flat & wide base to make the ride incredibly stable. And with those extended midsole wings on the forefoot area with fairly aggressive outriggers, you’re pretty much getting 360⁰ coverage. Pretty damn good for a sleeper, right?

This is just simply an ideal setup for a guard who’s very active on the floor, does a lot of running, loves poppin’ threes in opponent’s faces and does his part on the defensive side. Yet, I found this setup working really solid for me as well, so if you’re more of a powerhouse player or maybe even a true big man, you’re gonna fall in love with them nonetheless.



So the anta KT 3 made an enormously huge step further over its predecessors. Just a huge one. From top to bottom the shoe does look & perform as a grown, polished, well-made performance model which has a tremendous value.

The full-length knit upper is something similar to the Kobe 10’s tooling. Still, it does its job much, much better than that – way softer knit backing makes the whole wearing experience more natural & fluent yet keeping you stable and locked-in in any type of situation.

Traction is just phenomenal not only for an under-dog performer, but giving an example how it supposed to be done for some of the signature models from mainstream brands.

And although the KT 3 isn’t a perfect shoe, none of them are.  I’d prefer having a plushier cushion tooling and the heel to toe transition are the only two areas where they should improve upon. Yet again, this is only my personal opinion as it might be different for you.

Overall, I REALLY enjoyed spending my time & making the performance review on the KT 3 as I’m definitely gonna back to them again and again. Brand doesn’t matter. Performance does.

I’m out.





Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ANTA KT3. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!


8 thoughts on “ANTA KT3 REVIEW – Top Brands WATCH OUT!

  • January 23, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    Hey Daumantas, I am new to your blog and am digging your break down of the shoe. I really like the fact that you mention several times that you are a paint power player which I find helpful because that is my playing style and many of the vloggers I have watched before purchasing my shoes where smaller guards that are explosive and quick. If you don’t mind sharing may you please give me your stats so I can relate even more. Currently, I am 6’3 245 18% body fat and will be dropping down to 218 at 8%. For my height, I’m not your average “Big Man” but for strength and power that is where I come in at. I do shoot the 3 very often either off the dribble or catch and shoot. I also drive like Lebron using power. What shoes are your GO TO shoes when you know it’s going to be a hard battle. I just finished wearing down my Curry 1s which I really enjoyed. I just purchased and played in the Harden Vol. 1s and wish I never had my feet (arch and achilles) have been killing me since Saturday after playing 6 games. I appreciate your time to create this blog and to answer my questions.

    • January 25, 2018 at 11:07 pm

      Hey, man!

      I really appreciate your support, that means the world to me! Yeah, basically every single ball sneaker reviewer right now is a guard type of player which could be sometimes annoying if you’re a different style of player like you or me. So I kind of look at shoes from a different perspective, pointing different aspects of a shoe and telling how it did on the court for other than a guard.

      So you’re dealing with a 6’6 and 220 lbs 15% body fat dude who’s pretty much leaves in paint. Often I’m not the biggest player on the court but that doesn’t keep me from doing what I love to do – move bodies in the paint & play aggressively (BBQ CHICKEN ALERT). Moreover, I do have a very soft, two motion shot from the mid like DeRozen. You really don’t want to leave me alone there – buckets all day. Now if I don’t have any room for a mid range shot then I love push my way towards the basket like LeBron for a powerhouse layup or dunk. Right now I’m working on my three as probably anyone in this era can shoot a three. So I want that ability to have in my bag as well.

      My go to shoes would be the adidas Crazy Explosive’s ’17 Primeknit – amazing BOOST cushioning for bouncy ride and ton of impact protection (BOOST is life), solid upper and beastly traction to stop on a dime whenever I need. Let me know what will be your next performer pickup?

      • January 27, 2018 at 3:11 pm

        I appreciate the feedback and dude you sound like a freaking beast. I’d love to have a good battle against you on the court. Sounds like some really good competition and pretty much the size guys I’ve had to chop down my whole life LOL. I currently waiting for Adidas to respond to me about the Hardens I bought that didn’t work well with me. In the meantime, I’ll go and try those out.

      • January 27, 2018 at 3:17 pm

        I appreciate the feedback. You sound like you can be hell to deal with on the court, at the same time a great challenger to play against. If you are ever in SouthEast region of Virginia or NorthEast region of NC let me know so I can get a run. With the Crazy Explosive’s where you going with the lows or the original Primeknit version? Hopefully, I’ll be hearing back from Adidas soon about my fail with the Harden’s.

        • January 30, 2018 at 9:41 pm

          Yeah, man. Some 1 on 1 action would be awesome. Two big guys going against each other on the court – sounds like a tough one. I will let you know when I get close to these locations.

          Now talking about the Crazy Explosive’s, I do prefer the mids for some strange reason. They’re little bit harder to put on due to the ankle sock but I love how that sock hugs my ankles, even though, it doesn’t add any extra support. And I miss that feel on the lows.

          Did adidas answer you already?

          • February 22, 2018 at 5:15 pm

            I apologize for the delayed response been on the grind with work, business, family, and training. I am returning the Hardens for the price I purchased them at. And they will give me a gift card for the price. I see that they don’t have my size in the mids, which sucks. I was nervous about the lows.

            How do you like the KT3s? The color way is sick!!!

          • February 25, 2018 at 6:02 pm

            It’s all good, bro. I had a tough week as well, so many new sneakers to test out. Damn… It’s sad that they don’t have your size. However, I would wait for the Harden Vol 2 performance review to see if they could be your next purchase. So far I’m digging them as they improved upon some aspects. I’m gonna be dropping the performance review next week.

            I love the KT 3’s – awesome full-length knit upper, really strong support in all areas, solid traction on dusty courts, form-fitting fit and super responsive cushion with a decent amount of impact protection. I would like the cushion to be a bit more bouncy but it still gets the job done, so I’m not mad about it.

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