ANTA KT LIGHT REVIEW – 2 IN 1 Performer!

How about having a one sneaker for basketball AND for your training off the court? Sounds nice, doesn‘t it?

Meet the ANTA KT LIGHT – an ultimate 2 in 1 performer which features knitted upper, Control-5 outsole and an awesome construction to take advantage not only on the hardwood but improving your game on a training court as well. And one more thing. These cost only $50 via AMAZON. Yeah, I know.

Let’s see what we can get for 50 bucks. Welcome to the ANTA KT LIGHT Performance Review!



WEIGHT: 283 g. / 10 oz





RETAIL PRICE: $70 | NOW: $50








So we have an incredible trio in the house – knitted forefoot, soft Mesh and a synthetic leather cage to keep everything in place. For 50 bucks? That’s some cheese ANTA.

Let’s first talk about that knit though. This sh*t is straight up Flyknit, man. To be more specific, the forefoot area does feel to me completely the same as the Nike Flyknit Racer’s. Even that loose knit in the middle of the forefoot is the same. And you already know they do perform pretty darn good so does the ANTA KT Light. Soft but at the same time supportive & strong knit keeps your forefoot comfy and secure. While those big ass ventilation wholes ensure perfect breathability and nice breeze when moving.

Now rest of the shoe is covered with mesh material which happens to be a very nice one. It doesn’t feel any bit cheap or something. Quite frankly, I did enjoy it quite a bit. It nicely molds to your heel & ankle area, whereas more structured mesh in the heel locks your foot straight into the footbed.




This plain EVA midsole was no go for me since I’m a heavier dude so impact protection & bounce is what I appreciate to receive from a cushion setup. And that’s exactly what the KT Light lacks. That being the case, bigger players should look elsewhere, unless you’re going to use them only for training purposes or at the gym.

However, those who do prefer lower profile, super responsive setups similar to REACT tooling, the KT Light is a nice option to consider buying.




So CONTROLL-5 outsole is what ANTA calls the foot mapped herringbone traction pattern. Damn… What a mouthful of words.

Anyway. How can you go wrong with a herringbone pattern? That’s impossible. It works beastly every freaking time on any freaking basketball shoe and these are no exception. Strong ass bite all day long on any type of court.

On more complicated surfaces you might want to wipe them outsoles a few times to maintain that aggressive herringbone power since it does pick up a bit of dust. But it doesn’t affect overall performance, so it’s really not a big deal.

Oh, and one more important thing. These bad boys do feature freaking BEASTLY rubber which is the main reason why outdoor players should pick them up right after reading this review.




They do fit true to size. But if you have that KD like narrow foot, then going half a size down should be perfect for you.

As I mentioned before, the knitted forefoot is something that I didn’t expect from a $50 sneaker. But hey… I’ll take that! It makes the forefoot feel premium, incredibly breathable and of course, gives that sock like fit. While mesh material transfers that similar comfort level into the midfoot/heel area and adds much needed support in certain zones.

So overall, the shoe does feel incredibly light on your foot which is nice addition for a guard. But personally, they’re too light for me. I don’t know. I just can’t feel shit and that makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. As a bigger player, I do prefer having something a bit heavier on my feet. But other than that, I’m pretty satisfied.




Listen, you can’t be the best at everything. You can only master one thing. And this rule applies to stuff as well. Whether a shoe is really nice on a basketball court or it’s an outstanding performer for training. It can’t be both. Unless, you own a pair of Kobe 11 EM’s – these are crazy for both occasions.

So the main reason that keeps ANTA KT Light from being an awesome hoop performer happens to be the support department. I’m not saying they completely suck at this, not at all.

The external heel counter & stiffer mesh around the heel completely locks your heel where in place. While the raised midsole acts like a barrier to isolate your foot from rolling over the footbed. Everything does feel solid other than the top section of the midfoot, including ankle area as well. These two sections did feel loose no matter how hard I laced them up. So that’s why I’m not recommending these for serious, competitive basketball.



The ANTA KT Light definitely has plenty of room for further improvements and adjustments. But for $50 you just simply can’t beat them. And that’s why I still love them.

Knitted upper, killer traction, perfect cushion setup for our guards or explosive players, ability to beat them outdoors without breaking your bank or lace them up for an easy pick-up game, or even go to the gym and lift some weights. I mean, it’s way more than you can ask.

Just pick up a pair for yourself, man. Don’t turn your back on less popular brands. They can surprise you, trust me.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ANTA KT LIGHT. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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