Air Jordan 31 REVIEW – Jordan Brand’s Recovery?

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The Air Jordan XX9 is probably one of the greatest basketball shoes of all time. I’m still playing in these time to time because it just so nice to put them on again and feel that amazing performance – enjoyable nostalgia.

However, the highly anticipated AJ XXX model was a huge disappointed for us in terms of the actual performance – they had huge flaws in every category.

But now we can finally but our hands on the brand new Air Jordan XXX1. So don’t waste any time and let’s see if they can remove that negative shadow from this amazing flagship model.

Welcome to my Air Jordan 31 Performance Review!



WEIGHT: 397.7 g / 14.03 oz













Awesome awesome awesome!

The Jordan 31 features Flyweave in the forefoot and synthetic leather in the heel area – killer combo. The Flyweave offers more flexible, softer and more breathable upper in front – it doesn’t restricts your natural feet movements and gives you that lovely snug fit. I was able to move freely without any restrictions but at the same time received enough support in the heel area due to synthetic leather which adds more support and stiffness in the heel area, where you need the most.

Also, the material transition in the mid foot area does not have any stiches or additional backing layers underneath. So you’re not having any unpleasant rubbing or pinching problems like on the regular KD 9 version. Overall – awesome comfort feel in all areas.



We got full-length ZOOM Air setup in the midsole. As I mentioned in my KD 9 review, I’m a huge fan of full-length ZOOM cushion because of ability to expand and then force your implemented energy back to you. However, the cushioning on the AJ 31 was not as impressive as on the KD 9 – it felt just a little bit more restrictive and less responsive. Still, I was pretty happy with the performance they offered me – great impact protection (especially in the heel), solid court feel and enjoyable bouncy ride.

Now, the midsole sits surprisingly low to the ground, so guards will probably enjoy this setup quite a bit. Of course, heavy guys like me will enjoy it as much as lighter players since the tooling offer nice impact protection and enough bounciness to go with.



Unfortunately, the traction performed almost exactly the same as on the Jordan XXX… I was really disappointed by this performance as I was expecting some decent or even great traction from this model. It seems like the Jordan Brand isn’t listening for their damn customers! Why the hell they can’t put a simple traction pattern which gets the job done?! Is that simple…

The AJ XX9 had one of the greatest tractions ever, so why not putting already proved setup in the new models? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Now let’s cover the performance real quick. On the SUPER clean court the AJ XXX1 performed okay for me – good move coverage, decent stopping power and okay grip with the floor.

Now the “fun” part, on dusty courts they were TERRIBLE and I mean super terrible… If you’re playing on quite dusty courts I’m not recommend you getting these – it just too dangerous for you man, I’m not joking.

However, I was very surprised how they handled in outdoors. The rubber compound seems to be durable enough to maintain the grip in a good shape for a longer time. So, outdoor players will enjoy this setup quite a bit.



The Jordan XXX1 is a perfect shoe for wide footers in terms of fit – stretchable upper and wide toe box with plenty of room for wide foot. As you know, I’m a wide footer and they really fitted me perfectly – lovely one-to one fit, zero brake-in time & awesome heel containment.

If you have a regular or narrow foot, don’t worry, going half a size down you will receive exact same awesome fit, like I did. Again, wide footers should go true to size.

Also, the internal of the shoe has ridiculously huge padding around the ankle and heel area – it gives you that enjoyable pillow feel for your ankles – super comfy!



Another great working section in the shoe, had no complains about it. Flywire cables wrapped around my midfood nicely and secure, didn’t received any back & forth or side to side foot action. Also, the heel area performed great too. The internal heel counter and synthetic leather setup locked my heel and kept for the entire game, so the overall support was really solid.

In addition, we got the FlightSpeed plate (for torsional support) which goes throughout the whole midsole and adds some stability to that soft and unstable full-length ZOOM cushioning, so you’re getting any wobbling feel.



The Air Jordan XXX1 is definitely a solid shoe for what it has to offer. Premium materials, super nice snug fit, heavy padding inside and of course, responsive, low to the ground full-length ZOOM cushion. If not that ULTRA sensitive and inconsistent traction on dusty courts the AJ 31 probably would be in my TOP 10 of 2016. However, they felt just a little bit short this time but I’m not mad at all since they performed way better than the AJ 30.

Of course, there’re better performers for the better price out here, but there is something special with Jordan brand, it just feels right to wear them. So, if you ready to spend $185, I really recommend you to try them.



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