So after reviewing the amazing performer – Dame 4. We‘re sticking with adidas since there‘s yet another eye catching release. The adidas mad Bounce sounds pretty aggressive and while it does look like the Crazy Explosive ’17 and the adidas Harden B/E had a baby and that was a final result, this model has a huge potential to be this year‘s ultimate bang for your buck option.

So without further ado, let’s get this review poppin’!



WEIGHT: 394 g. / 13.9 oz






BD RATING: 8.5/10







Sometimes brands do make some crazy shenanigans creating their products that make you just scratch your head. This is that moment guys.

Listen, the Mad BOUNCE features Fused Mesh & knit upper with forged panels on the sides for additional lateral support. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It should sound familiar since the Crazy Explosive 20017 (regular edition) rocks almost exactly the same setup, except for a knit. So straight out of the box, they do have an advantage over the CE ’17. A knitted upper for 100 bucks? Yes, please!

But I’m not done yet…

The mesh upper on the Mad BOUNCE is straight up awesome, man. At first it did feel a little bit stiff but once broken in, that mesh becomes really nice & soft providing you with stretchy, yet supportive fit. And that Tech Fit booty alongside with a Neoprene tongue helps you to achieve that awesome custom fit.

So the main question would be, why the hell adidas decided to put this awesome tooling on a budget model, while one of the main stream lines (talking about CE ’17 regular version) has that cheap ass mesh which did feel like a cardboard? That’s some cheese!

That being the case, if you don’t have enough money in your bank account to buy the Crazy Explosive ’17 Primeknit edition, don’t be sad about that and just cop a pair of Mad BOUNCE’s instead. And if BOOST is a must for you, the Crazy Explosive ’16 is waiting for you at outlets for the low low. Click here for the lowest price online.




You know how adidas is doing with that BOUNCE goodness baby! Ton of impact protection & bouncy ride in the heel, meanwhile the forefoot section runs low to the ground offering really solid court feel & plenty responsiveness to bypass your opponent in no time. And this particular BOUNCE setup wasn’t an exception either.

While the midsole itself is an actual takedown from the Harden B/E, the performance is noticeably different, mainly in the heel section where the foam does offer a bit bouncier ride. And as you know, there can’t be too much bounce for me. That’s why I do prefer this setup over that one on the Harden B/E. I would say it did perform like the Dame 4’s setup or at least somewhere in that range.




For traction we do have this very familiar “chromosomes” style traction pattern barrowed from none other than theCrazy Explosive ’17 or ’16 version since both of these two do share the exact same outsole. And if you have red my performance review on one of these two CE variations, you know that this stuff works beastly. Especially on the ’17 version – straight up glue.

However, on the Mad BOUNCE’s this traction pattern is beefed up quite a bit shifting this sneaker more towards outdoor usage, which isn’t a common thing in today’s sneaker world. So while playing outdoor ball shouldn’t be a problem, an indoor experience wasn’t exactly on that “straight up glue” level. Of course, on clean courts you’re gonna be golden at any given time. But on dirty courts you might need to wipe them outsoles quite frequently to maintain that beastly grip. Other than that the outsole was really solid.




So if you do have a pretty wide foot, you need to be very careful choosing the right size. I would go straight to the closest retailer to try them on. Trust me, you don’t want to cop a wrong size. But if you really don’t have a chance to

try them on & Amazon is your one and only way, then going half a size up would be the safest scenario for you. Meanwhile for regular/narrow footers, I do recommend going with whatever your true size is.

Since we pretty much already covered the whole fit business earlier in the review and I’m %100 positive that you really don’t want to read same stuff all over again. Therefore, I’m just gonna quickly wrap things over & add a few words about that Tech Fit booty construction since not every one of you know what the hell is that.

Due to this well-crafted upper & Tech Fit combo the shoe doesn’t feel any like cheap or sloppy. Matter of fact, it does feel like you’re wearing something premium, something that would be worth at least $20 more. And this Tech Fit technology is basically a semi-attached Neoprene tongue which goes under the toe section and acts as a sock. Simple but affective stuff.




Again, this is just another area where the shoe really shines above them all low/med tier models. Oh man… These bad boys are worth every single penny.

For excellent lateral support we do have these raised up midsole sections that do a great job keeping your foot from rolling over the footbed. When an internal heel counter with a pretty snug construction & Energy plate underneath keep your foot steady and contained all the way from top to bottom.



While a $100 price tag ranks this sneaker in the budget category, the sneaker itself & its performance says: Nah, man. I’m better than that.

This Fused Mesh/Knit upper may not be as good as Primeknit, but for this money this is one of the best if not the best tooling in the business right now and together with Tech Fit booty construction you got yourself a perfect, well-balanced upper. On top of that, a versatile BOUNCE setup will fit every type of player for its awesome combination between impact protection in the heel & low-profile, super responsive foam in forefoot. Whereas that beefed up, aggressive outsole alongside with strong containment won’t let you down as well.





Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ADIDAS MAD BOUNCE. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

2 thoughts on “ADIDAS MAD BOUNCE REVIEW – Adidas Going NUTS!

  • November 8, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Hey thanks for your in depth reviews. I always look forward to em. So far in your opinion, what is the best budget shoe out there in 2017? I play in the lillard 2s and its time for an upgrade but I cant fork out 200 bucks for a shoe. I personally value traction and overall fit for my playing style. (Ball handling and slashing)

    • November 12, 2017 at 10:15 pm

      That’s exactly why I’m doing this. Huge thanks for your support and recognition. That means a lot to me.

      No doubt about it, the best bank for your buck deal is the Dame 4. The shoe is capable to deliver a phenomenal performance for any type of player, including you as well. Although the dame 4 might be too expansive to fit in that budget range, but if you’re looking for a killer SIGNATURE performer, the Dame 4 is just simply an unbeatable deal.


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