adidas Harden Vol 3 REVIEW – Three Stripes Getting It Done!

Adidas is getting ready to make some waves in the sneaker world again, like back then when BOOST was introduced for the first time. But before that – let’s take a deep look at the last of BOOST basketball performance model left in the adidas line-up – the adidas Harden Vol. 3.


WEIGHT: 416.73 g. / 14.70 oz

TECH: BOOST, Primeknit (optional), Torsion system




RETAIL PRICE: $140 – 160

BD RATING: 8.4/10




So theoretically speaking, you do have two upper options: mesh or Primeknit. But when it comes to actual performance – there shouldn‘t be any tangible difference you picking mesh over Primeknit or vice versa. They both play the same. Same flexibility of the material. Same amount of support. Same above decent breathability. Maybe the mesh option has an edge over the knit one as far as durability goes. But if that‘s the case – mesh wins just by a small fraction.

This particular colorway does feature a mesh upper. At this point of manufacture world, you can‘t really go wrong with mesh or any type of knit material, so playing experience judging by the used materials was enjoyable. Straight out of the box, the upper instantly swipes right (as you on the tinder when seeing a hot chick) and makes a perfect match with your foot – break-in time is non-existing.

Just by looking – the Harden Vol.3 certainly doesn‘t look like it would have a very supportive construction. WRONG. It has one nice trick up its sleeve. But that I‘m gonna keep for SUPPORT.


Third time is a charm, right? Although the Harden Vol.3 is currently the only mass-produced ball sneaker left in the adidas line-up, they didn’t cut any corners whatsoever. As this BOOST iteration, in my opinion, is the most well-rounded out of the three.

It contains both low profile/responsive/shifty ride in the forefoot and a really solid amount of impact protection/compression in the back to make it a full package. It’s basically like the Vol.1 and Vol.2 had a baby.

That being said, if you’re one of those “modern” big man who wears low-top sneakers, the Vol.3 is definitely the way to go, as well as for any other position across the board.


Like shooter’s gonna shoot – herringbone gonna grip… #dadjokealert

All of the past Harden’s signature sneakers, including the B/E line, were housing that Fractal traction pattern, which I didn’t have any bad experience with no matter the shoe it was on. That stuff was/is one of the best performing traction patterns both indoors & outdoors. But adidas felt it’s time to change things up a little bit.

So in order to preserve that sweet spot on-top, they took the easiest route by implementing the G.O.A.T of traction patterns – herringbone. It might be not the best version of it due to tight groove spacing. Thought, the overall performance was still up there as you would expect from that type of stuff. Trust me, there’s no better shoe out there than the Harden Vol.3 for doing killer step-backs, euro-steps, crossovers, and flops.

Now when it comes to outdoor use, again, not THE best option in the market, yet they should hold up quite some time. It depends on how harsh of a surface you ball.


Straight away, the Vol.3 does fit true to size, which was quite a surprise for me. You know – only trying adidas shoes you discover that you can fit in 2 sizes bigger or smaller pair. But I see the situation getting better with each ball shoe released – lifestyle section still lags behind a bit. Still, I highly do recommend trying them on before buying, just in case.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the upper straight away welcomes you with a custom-like fit without the need to break them in. The toe section was nice – I didn’t have any extra space length or height vise. Same with the heel area – no slippage or any other annoying stuff as well. Continuing with the heel, as you can see, it gets up pretty high but doesn’t leave you with nasty blisters from constant contact with your ankle due to its soft nature and heavily padded interior.

However, the most enjoyable part about the fit must be the lacing system. It’s nothing innovative or crazy, yet, it works so freaking nice. The laces actually go through the tongue and then through the upper itself, connecting all the upper pieces together into one, that way completely locking down your foot.


They went all modern with these by leaving no room for layers, like on the past models. I’ve heard a lot of you been hating on them.  If you ask me, I think that a few colorways do make them look crispy, especially that grey/silver scheme. But overall – they’re alright. The Vol.1 was the prettiest to me.

When it comes to actual performance, not gonna lie, before getting them in-hand I was seriously concerned about how well they’re going to keep my ass safe laterally. There’s literally nothing displayed externally that would provide some sort of lateral coverage.

Luckily, it was a false alarm. My ass remained uninjured, for those who care, due to extra layer is hidden under the mesh. I’m not sure exactly what type of material that is, but it definitely does not stretch upon lateral force. It’s much like an internal heel counter which, by the way, these do have – you can’t see it, but it does its job.

The BOOST midsole, as usually, is pretty wide as torsion system remains the same as you would find in any other Harden sneaker. So support and proper lockdown in all-areas was something that I didn’t have any problems with.

Oh – that strap – it’s only for the looks.


The adidas Harden Vol.3 might not look appealing to you. BOOST might be too outdated or boring at this point. But, damn, the performance is up there among this year’s best. So if you happened to not give a flying F about the looks, maybe you actually like them, and BOOST is still life – the Harden Vol.3 is a perfect fit for you.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ADIDAS HARDEN VOL.3. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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