adidas DON Issue 2 – Unbeatable Value

The original D.O.N Issue #1 showed us that a $100 price tag is enough. They weren’t in no way perfect, but with some tweaks made in the right spots, the D.O.N Issue #2 could become a value you can’t really beat.

I already know the answer. You know what to do. Read on…



WEIGHT: 432 g. / 15.2 oz






BD RATING: 8.2/10





In the era of the textiles\synthetics material, no surprise, the DON Issue #2 is rocking your everyday textile upper combined with Spider-man themed synthetic paneling on the sides and heel portion. And, yeah, this is not the last time you’ll hear me saying Spider-man.

The setup doesn’t scream in your face “beware cheap stuff ahead” whether we’re talking the looks or on-foot experience. It offers that essential pack of things that most of the players will appreciate.



Probably the least hype generated, but in true sneakerhead’s book, one of the best foam setups in the game – Bounce, wasn’t its best version when first introduced in the D.O.N Issue line. It was on a lower/firmer side of things, unfortunately, the successor embraced that even further.

The heel portion stayed quite chubby therefore you do get equipped with a solid amount of impact protection. The same couldn’t be said about the other end. The forefoot goes really low as I was experiencing some underfoot pain after harder landings. That said, this lackluster outcome might be a pass for bigger guys out there.

However, for what it is – a guard-oriented performer, the DON Issue #2 should not disappoint those who are seeking an elite combo of court feel & responsiveness.



Continuing with the Spider-man theme, that’s right, the outsole is featuring a spider web type of traction pattern.

It won’t make you climb walls like Spider-Man himself, but when it comes to playing basketball, it should cover you perfectly fine both indoors or outdoors with minimal wiping required.



With the entry of the DON Issue 2, the lineup has lost its wide feet friendly badge. I feel you wide footers – another heartbreaking loss.

That partly has to do with implementing FYW (Feet You Wear) technology that took away from wide footers but fixed one of the biggest flaws of the first generation. I’m talking about that atrociously wide platform which made me feel as if I was playing ball in swim fins. Great news – all of that is gone.

The platforms still remain healthy wide, but the rounded edges of it do open up for some extra speed & agility for the shoe. It finally plays like a proper guard shoe.

As far as sizing goes – true to size should fit most of you. As our wide footer should still give it a shot by grabbing at least a half size bigger pair.



Even with a smaller frame downtown, I’m talking about the platform, the follow-up model still can be called wide. This paired up with more heavy duty mesh panels on the sides (some spider man stuff again) gives you enough power to deal with lateral moves.
While the whole heel slippage issue was addressed by adding up an extra lace loop and smoothing down the heel section itself.



Adidas tried to come up with an “all men’s” silhouette with the first one. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite it – too sluggish/heavy for the guards, yet not enough impact protection for the bigs.
Luckily, the adidas Don issue #2 went a one-way road by focusing on guards’ preferences. Smooth heel-to-toe transition. Low profile midsole with a minimal amount of cushioning. As well as top league traction which allows to go over and beyond the limits without thinking.



Hope you enjoyed my performance review on the adidas D.O.N Issue #2. Will they secure the spot on your “to buy” shortlist? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below or e-mail me!

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