Adidas Dame 6 REVIEW – Just Not IT

It’s six o’clock in the Dame world which can only mean one thing… It’s time for the adidas Dame 6 performance review!

Let’s get it!



WEIGHT: 394.9 g. / 13.93 oz






BD RATING: 6.8/10





Even though the Dame 6 is a signature shoe, it’s more on a budget side of the segment. That being the case, don’t expect premium build quality & materials. Like, no joke, go as low with your expectations as possible. Because either way you just going to trash them. Yes, they might be one of the cheapest looking signatures right now, but that doesn’t mean they play like that.

So the upper is your standard full-length mesh as the main body with some see-through type of synthetic overlays on the sides for some style points and maybe added support. There’s also a few touches of suede up in the toe areas as well as across the lateral side of the midsole (crazy placement), which is as much premium as you can go in these.

But while the outside is lacking, the inside stays true to the game. And by that I mean the upper’s ability to check all of the boxes for the things you need on the court. Except one…



As of late, LightStrike has been making some waves across the whole adidas basketball lineup, and the Dame 6 is the latest hitter of that run.

So how was it? That thing is as freaking awesome as it is on the Harden Vol.4, probably a bit better when it comes to bounce which is always welcomed for me. Other than that, those two are pretty much identical toolings not only when talked about the performance part, but also a form-factor itself. So if you happen to own a pair of the Harden Vol.4 or had a chance to taste some of its performances, you should know what I’m talking about.

Now those who consider joining the Lightstrike club, it’s basically a lighter version of BOUNCE. This particular setup goes heavy on impact protection in the heel, while smoothly transitioning into responsive low-ride experience up in front for all man’s performance.



It’s a full-length herringbone which nowadays isn’t a safe code for getting beastly traction anymore, especially when in adidas hands (no offense though). The three-stripe brand has a record for screwing up herringbone implementations. So they did that again… One thing is to do that on a budget model. But on one of the main signature model? Cmon adidas, we know you can do better.

The Dame 6 only works on dusty courts if well maintained, and I mean REALLY well maintained. Those bottoms are the true definition of dust magnets, so every wipe counts if you want to maintain tolerable bite with the floor. On the other hand, they do act way different on those pristine courts, though, just a few of us have such an opportunity.

Outdoors? You should avoid that.




Going half a size down is what you want if you’re a regular/narrow footer. While our true wide footers might want to stick true to size.

As I mentioned before, the upper doesn’t lag behind, almost, in terms of playing experience. It’s form-fitting, easy to break-in, and the airflow is pretty solid. But there’s one thing I didn’t mention… That brings me to the final category.



So while that wide base is probably the main savior for a complete fiasco in the support field, that lack of foundation coming out of the upper was the thing that dragged shoe down to the bottom. In other words, the upper was too soft. Yeah, the comfort does benefit from that, but the ration between that and support was completely unbalanced. I was experiencing heel slippage even with the cranked-up laces, that heel napkin did nothing. Same thing with lateral coverage, the midfoot would just blow up laterally upon heavy force, leaving the midsole to save me from busting my ass out of the footbed. That makes the Dame 6 a big no-no for flashy or heavy players – just too dangerous for you. I can only see spot-up shooters having no problems with these.



Even the best ones do have bad days. In this case, probably the most consistent signature line from adidas just ran off of the winning mountain with the Dame 6. Things happen… You just hate to see that.

I can’t really think of a reason why would you want them in your ration since the two most important aspects of the shoe do suck big time. That sweet Lighstrike tooling was the only bright side of things.

Finishing on a higher note, you’re still left with dozens of other sick performers to choose from. The list is long. Everyone will find their own best. And while we at it, let’s just hope adidas bangs the game with the 7.






Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ADIDAS DAME 6. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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