adidas D Rose 9 REVIEW – So Close Yet So Far

From looking like NBA 2K generics to one of the most striking silhouette this year, the Three Stripes introduces the fresh new sequel of D Rose signature line – the D Rose 9.

Will this be another successful run for D Rose line producing beastly performers every single year? Let’s find out!



WEIGHT: 14.07 oz / 398.8 g.






BD RATING: 7.6/10






Last year I thought that adidas started giving up on my man’s signature line with all of that crappy presentation, most basic materials & sketchy shiouelette, I guess that was a part of a plan, as the D Rose 9 is back at billionaire boys club by featuring a brand new knit/Neoprene/Synthetic combo for the upper.

Starting off with the forefoot, this whole section is utilizing the multi-directional knit laterally supported by line stitching, which adds quite a bit of tenacity for the upper to successfully contain your foot once force kicks in. Just don’t get it why they aimed the stitching more on an inner side, instead of focusing more on external side where the most serious action is going on. Anyway, it’s there and it still makes the differences.

Moving towards the back, the knit shifts directions on the side panels in order to maximize lateral containment, while on the heel it goes horizontal with the same purpose in mind – support & containment. Now continuing with the heel section, it houses both heavily stitched knit & synthetic overlay to, again, create some rigidity within that area & work in tandem with internal heel counter.

All things considered, this set-up may not be as form-fitting & sock-like as stuff used on the KD 11, yet it’s way more well-rounded and that Neoprene tongue definitely compensates some of that comfort for sure.




Some of you guys might call it a downgrade but in my books, it’s just a different take/path reaching the same final destination. Yeah, BOOST is labeled as the top of the line cushion tech in adidas rotation for the reason – incredible amount of impact protection, that bouncy ride & plenty of responsiveness for the quick. Though, BOUNCE is so right up in its neighborhood that switching to “a lower tear” tooling the shoe didn’t forfeit any of main BOOST capabilities that it was famous for the last 4 years. In opposition, it gained a few more extra features to the whole package for the cost of, well, nothing.

The new BOUNCE set-up sort of brings home the memories when the D Rose line was all about that speed, quickness & lightweight. Comparing them with the 8’s – the midsole got slimmer and lighter as well. How much lighter? Well, we’re looking at almost 1 oz, which is pretty damn big cut down in weight if you ask me. In addition to that, BOUNCE itself offers reasonably better response & eliminates lag in your step that you would receive from BOOST.

So it’s now save to say that adidas decided to go back in time and bring back that speedy vibe back in the 9’s forefoot, while leaving a half of cake for explosive/heavy players to enjoy in the heel area as well.

One more thing to say… To be honest with you, even though my body was completely happy with the new tooling, my mind was missing that pillow-like squishiness. I guess this is the cost I paid.




Probably the most heart breaking thing after the KD 11’s failure is to witness yet another your all-time favorite signature to collapse this year… It’s tough man.

Can’t really remember right now, but did adidas ever got it wrong? I think not. Either way, every winning streak has its end and this is exactly what happened with the 9’s traction, unfortunately.

While last year’s pair went straight up bananas mode with that thick ass, rigid ass zip-like traction pattern, this year was completely opposite. This time around we did receive an incredibly tight & slim multi-directional line pattern with pliable rubber on top of that. Yeah…

Rocking them for the first time, I was immediately welcomed with ton of dust already sticking all over my bottoms being only for a few minutes on-court. Not that’s a proper way to start, doesn’t it?

Despite that being a clear issue, I gave them a second chance to redeem themselves since it has been a few times when I would need to take a few extra spins to really worm that rubber up, like racing cars do before the races and make it work properly. It actually did help but I barely could feel the improvement.

You just wipe them outsoles. Get a few really strong bites, like the D Rose 8 on a regular basis. Then repeat the process again. I mean, it wasn’t that bad to the point where it would care me away completely while executing some type of quick direction changes. Yet, my brain would not stop triggering that self-protection sense, restricting me from doing some intensive stuff. In other words, I didn’t feel safe wearing them whatsoever.




I just now realize how blessed I’m for having a local adidas store near by me. Now listen, if you do have even a small fraction of chance to try them on in real life – just pull the trigger man. Cuz adidas is doing us dirty again with that all over the place sizing.

I don’t have any related info, but maybe in upcoming NBA season Rose is going to wear some kind of full-length feet brace or some other crazy sh*t like that since the 9 does run hella wide & long.

All jokes aside, I ended up picking a ½ size smaller pair which still left me with a few millimeters of dead space on the sides of the toe area. I couldn’t go a whole size down just because the rest of the fit, including length, was already perfect. So if you consider yourself as a regular footer, do the same move as me or go a whole size down if you do have a narrow foot. Meanwhile, I would recommend staying true to size for our wide footers out there.

So as I mentioned, every other area of the shoe fitted me nicely, obviously, not as a second skin like fit on the Kobe AD NXT 360, but still close enough to feel right. Once you tighten up the laces that heavy heel curvature just soaks your heel & locks in between the pillows until you’re done playing – my heels were completely isolated form any type of motion.

Inserting an extra insole did the trick removing that unneeded volume above & on the sides of the toe region – you can also use a double sock type of scenario to achieve the same results – but I do prefer the first one, mainly because I don’t like me feet getting suffocating.




When fit is working for you the way it should (in my case, almost the way it should) – support sort of falls in automatically, if that make sense.

Peaking under the shoe, there we can find your regular adidas TPU shank, yet it’s not like your regular TPU shank. BOOM… #MindBlow

Let me explain that to you. Adidas decided to put their priceless time & effort to wrap that TPU shank with exactly the same knit material as used on the upper. I bet I’ve never saw something similar on a ball shoe. But hey – it does its job well & looks surely unique – so why not.

Straight out of the box, there was some doubts on how good lateral coverage will be due to lack of support features in that area. Luckily, any doubts just vanished away once I stepped on the hardwood for a first spin. Not gonna lie, I was pretty damn impressed how smoothly that knit single handedly absorbed every single hard cut I threw at it.

Now, jumping onto the forefoot where I did receive some fit problems, there was a slight foot shift which really didn’t make any tangible impact in terms of performance, unless I’m knit picking real hard.



I remember my high school team practices when before going home you needed to make twenty straight free throws, but you manage to miss that last one… Comment down below if you’re familiar with that pain. In my books, that completely illustrates the performance of the D Rose 9’s – just a huge disappointment. If not that lackluster traction, we would be now talking about how adidas is keeping its winning streak alive by adding a yet another killer performer to the D Rose already impressive signature line.

But now I can’t recommend them to any of you guys, unless you’re a heavy wiper or spot-up shooter who jogs down the floor.

Just like the KD 11, these will end up stacking my lifestyle rotation. Can anyone recommend a clean pair of joggers that would go well with the 9’s? Thanks in advance!




Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ADIDAS D ROSE 9. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!




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