adidas D ROSE 10 REVIEW – Back to the Old Days?

Do you know why Derrick Rose is averaging stats close to his MVP year? It’s because of these bad boys. The 10th generation of Roses’s main signature line is here, and I’m ready to share my thoughts and experience with it.

Welcome to the adidas D Rose 10 performance review. Let’s get it!



WEIGHT: 408.8 g. / 14.42 oz






BD RATING: 7.9/10





So for the D Rose 10 adidas went back a decade by slapping on a full-length leather (a real one) upper backed with some textile inside. Sound like a fat winter leather jacket? It not only sounds, but it is like one. The shoe does feel pretty heavy & clunky, not to mention the heat your feet make. Probably would be enough to heat up a small apartment.

Now going for a more positive note, the leather setup adds up that premium feel & touch factor, at the same time offering bunch of support, and durability for your outdoor runs.



While the Lightstrike is slowly taking a top spot as the brand’s main cushion tech, we still do have our well-known BOUNCE foam which continues its way on the D Rose line for a second consecutive year.

It’s your classic BOUNCE setup that we already saw on so many models– thicker in the heel, thinner in front. No rocket science here. This stuff probably would be boring if it wasn’t so damn nice.

While the heel portion of the midsole packs some solid amount of bounciness & impact protection, the forefoot tones down those aspects to make some space for substantial court feel, but still be able to enjoy some pep in your step. Not only that, but the low to the ground forefoot profile also acts as a crucial point that allows the D Rose 10 feel quick & controlled on-foot despite that heavy upper.



Blending two of the most successful and trustworthy traction patterns sounds like a great idea, but knowing recent adidas on-court models, this could have been hit or miss. Luckily, it’s a hit. Not on a hall of fame or how I like to call it “straight up glue” level, but still really solid.

I won’t cover the performance on clean courts since it’s pretty clear that the D Rose 10 just simply delivers its A1 game there. However, taking them on something more challenging, they definitely will not let you down if you’re one of those time to time bottom wipers. Though, if you ain’t one, you’re going to learn that the hard way.

By the way, outdoor hooper should be happy with the performance as well as durability too.



Some things just don’t change, and one of them is adidas footwear sizing. So for that reason, narrow or normal footers should go half a size down. Whereas for wide footers I recommend sticking true to size.

When it comes to on-foot experience, it wasn’t the best one for me since I’m a modern kid that loves light & form-fitting mesh/knit setups. Speaking of that, even after a longer break-in time that you need to run through having a leather upper, the fit still wasn’t one-to-one, more like close to your foot type of fit. Also, I did experience just a tad bit of dead space above my toes as well. Not a huge deal-breaker or performance killer, but still an annoying thing to have, especially on a real leather upper. Damn those creases…

But it’s not all about negative stuff, the upper does score tons of points in the containment/support category, which for some ballers it might be way more important than having a perfectly fitted shoe.



This has been adidas Hoops’s classic which the D Rose 10 is successfully continuing. Wide & stable platform with a perfect amount of midsole curvature for a smooth heel to toe transition while still keeping your foot locked-in on the footbed in any type of situation. Whereas a leather upper combined with a sturdy external heel counter that wraps on the lateral side of the upper ensures great lateral control as well as heel lockdown.



Although the adidas D Rose 10 wasn’t a perfect shoe for me (might be the one for you), it still manages to continue that successful run of the D Rose line.

I kinda see these being named under the “Retro” name since it does bring you those old-school vibes and makes you go back the time when Rose was called the next big thing. If that’s combined with really solid performance is what you’re looking right now – go grab it. How about street ballers? Same deal. Go grab it or at least shortlist it. These are the true tanks that won’t tear down on you after a few runs outside.

For the young bloods out there who don’t feel rocking leather stuff out on the hardwood, I would suggest checking out the KD 12, Harden Vol.4 or Air Jordan 34 (for some extra $). Apart from AJ 34’s, you should be able to grab these at a lower price range than the retail of the D Rose 10, which is 140$. By the way, the other day I saw the KD12 going for 80$ at the GOAT app.



Hope you enjoyed my Performance Review on the ADIDAS D ROSE 10. Will you be picking them up? Let me know!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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