Basketball Diagnostics was brought to life by the guy who is truly passionate about basketball and one of the most inseparable aspects of the game – sneakers.


Lets’s continue the introduction in the first person, shall we?


Hey hoopers, my name is Daumantas (a.k.a BigD). I’m from a small country located in eastern  Europe called Lithuania. Lithu… freaking what? Yeah, I know, the majority of you probably were thinking that he’s talking about some type of exotic vegetable or stuff like that. But I don’t blame you. I probably wouldn’t care to know that either, if I were you.

There’re only less than 3 million people living in our country, and that number is consistently getting smaller. But despite the fact that we’re living in a munchkin country, we do big stuff in the game of basketball. That’s why the rest of the world, well, maybe more so Europe recognize us as a country of basketball. And it ain’t for nothing. Our basketball history is deep and very much victorious on a worldwide scale. So chances are we have bet your country’s or hometown team in the Euroleague are really high. Americans, you think you’re safe? Well nowadays you definitely are. But back in 2004 the USA basketball team had to take that L against Lithuania in the Olympics. Though that year we still ended up in fourth place while USA grabbed that third. If you want to get to know more about our country’s basketball history or history in general, I highly recommend checking out this video and read the article down below.



Why is Lithuania So Good at Basketball?

Now more about me. Parents say that I was born with a basketball in my hands. Not really sure how much it is true, but no doubt about it, I didn’t put that orange thing since then. That goes without saying, my biggest dream was/is to become a professional basketball player. However, God has had different plans for me, He probably wanted me to create this platform. So I did. This allowed me still be close to my dream – play ball, test all types of basketball sneakers, and, obviously, share my experience & thoughts with you guys throughout this awesome bridge called Basketball Diagnostics.


I genuinely hope you’ll enjoy the stuff I’m doing. Either way, don’t hesitate to say hello, ask a question, drop an appreciation, rant, or just start a conversation in the comments or via email (daumantas.bballdiagnostics@gmail.com). Help this platform to become your #1 sneaker adviser.


Keep balling,